Biodynamic Tea Now Available Online with Magic Hour in 2022

Posted March 14, 2022 by clubmagichour

Magic Hour supplies biodynamic tea online in 2022.
Magic Hour is a United States based tea specialist, supplying quality tea for your mind, body and soul. The company is a tea and transformation company that connects the world through organic tea ceremonies.

All teas are made in California with a tea subscription available, ensuring clients never run out of their favorite biodynamic brew. Their vision is to create connections through tea sharing. Open Wednesday to Sunday, this company specializes in biodynamic botanicals, which includes macha tea, herbal teas, oolong, white, black and green teas.

Magic Hour supplies wellness bundles, Astrology collections, boxes tea ware, lifestyle, gifts and more, along with their own range of handmade spiritual jewelry. Backed by years of experience, the company provides a complete range of tea services to meet each clients individual needs.

Biodynamic teas is an ethical, ecological and holistic approach to farming. It is continually developing and evolving through farmer and research collaborations and is used in thousands of farms, gardens, ranches, orchards and vineyards around the world. The practice is applied where any food is growth with adaption based on culture, climate, landscape and scale.

Zhena Murzyka, the Founder at Magic Hour, said “Biodynamics is farming beyond what we know as organic. Organic is chemical free, but it may not be as fortified as biodynamic tea, this is due to the high polyphenols and antioxidants which are available to plants through the highly nourished soil you get with biodynamic farming. Biodynamic certifications have to meet the highest and most rigorous of standards in the world. It excludes synthetic fertilizers, using only natural compost and manure, which strengthens the soil. It focus on the entire system.”

Zhena Murzyka, went on to say “Biodynamics focuses on regeneration based on the planting, nurturing and harvesting in a loop, which supports our planet and the consumers health. This includes the communities working in the tea fields where Magic Hour sources from. What sets biodynamics apart from other teas is how it is connected to the cosmos, with planned astrological seed sowing, using certain herbs and crystals to charge the soil and enhance the offerings.”

About Us: Magic Hour is a United Stats based tea and transformation company supplying high quality biodynamic teas for the mind, body and soul. The company connects the world through organic tea ceremonies with a vision to create connections through tea sharing. They supply biodynamic botanicals with the convenience of a subscription service. Magic Hour is open Wednesday to Sunday with a wide choice of macha, herbal, oolong, white, black and green teas to choose from. They also supply wellness bundles, astrology collections, boxes, tea ware, lifestyle and gifts. Full details on Magic Hour and their extensive range of quality teas can be found at
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