Adapters Manufacturers Introduce The Structural Requirements Of Sealing Joints

Posted March 15, 2022 by cnshundayuyao

Adapters Manufacturers introduces the structural classification of quick-seal fittings:
Adapters Manufacturers introduces the structural classification of quick-seal fittings:

1. Handle operation
When the connection is not sealed: the handle is straightened, the inside of the joint is in a relaxed state, and the sealing ring has no pressing force. When the connector does not work, pay attention to make the connector in a loose state.
When sealing connection: insert the sealing ring part of the front end of the joint into the pipe fitting (determine the operation method according to the actual use), bend the handle, and the lever connection action pushes the internal structure to squeeze the front sealing ring and the metal claws, and forms the sealing surface while grasping the pipe wall .

2. Pneumatically driven quick sealing joint
When not connected: Close the test fluid communication valve, disconnect the tail drive pressure, and leave the seal in a relaxed state.
When connecting: first install the corresponding driving gas pipe and test fluid pipe to the joint, and then insert the front end sealing ring into the pipe fitting, and then pass the driving air pressure (usually 4-6Bar, adjusted according to the actual application), to be sealed After that, the test fluid is passed in, and the corresponding air tightness test is carried out.

3. Sliding sleeve joint
When not connected: the internal spring is in a relaxed state, the front claws are open, and the sealing ring has no extrusion force and no deformation.
When connecting: Align the front end of the joint with the nozzle and push it in parallel to achieve automatic locking and sealing. Pass the test fluid from the tail, both liquid and gas media can be applied

Through the above introduction, Hydraulic Fittings Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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