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Liposuction is an excellent minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery which aims to help remove excessive fat which is not removed through regular dieting and exercising.
High Definition Liposuction – There are a few things less unwanted then having the last stubborn patch of fat from your tummy hanging down. Despite endless hours sweating at the gym with a strict diet plan that particular fat does not seem to get completely rid of. This is where the wonderful liposuction cosmetic technique comes handy and gives you a taught, flat tummy which has been your last obstacle on your quest to get in shape.

What is High Definition Liposuction?

Liposuction is an excellent minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery which aims to help remove excessive fat which is not removed through regular dieting and exercising. An advanced variant of this amazing technique, called the ‘High Definition Liposuction’ procedure aims to not only remove stubborn patches of fat from your tummy, thighs, buttocks, hips, arms and even your face but basically sculpts your body to give it a sharper, highly-defined and noticeably attractive look.

Who should get a High Definition Liposuction treatment?

There are several factors which help you, and your cosmetic surgeon, to decide if you are a good candidate to undergo high definition liposuction treatment. These are the aspects which help determine if you are an ideal candidate for undergoing a high definition liposuction treatment:

• Weigh within 30% of your healthy weight range (as per BMI)
• Have sufficient elasticity and firmness retained in your skin
• Be a non-smoker

Have realistic expectations with the end results of this cosmetic procedure

Apart from these, underlying health problems, existing heart disorders, diabetes, frail immune system are also taken into consideration by the cosmetic specialists before recommending high definition liposuction treatment. It is highly recommended to consult with your physician and cosmetic surgeon in detail to clear any doubts pertaining to the procedure, possibility of complications and risks, etc before finally deciding to under high definition liposuction procedure.

How is High Definition Liposuction treatment performed?

The high definition liposuction treatment is a minimally-invasive cosmetic body contouring procedure. For the first step in this procedure, the cosmetic surgeon usually recommends using local anesthesia to numb the targeted regions from where the stubborn fat cells are to be removed. The local anesthesia prevents you from feeling any pain or discomfort while the procedure is underway.

The second step is performed once the local anesthesia takes effect and the cosmetic surgeon will make tiny incisions, usually measuring between 2 mm to 4 mm only, at the targeted areas of your body.

The third step requires the cosmetic surgeon will to inject a special saline solution around the incisions. This helps to dull the sensation in the fatty tissue and to shrink the surrounding blood vessels beneath your skin. This is a preventive step to avoid unwanted injury to healthy blood vessels and other tissues which the fat cells are surrounded with.

In the fourth step, the cosmetic surgeon will use a small, tubular sound-emitting probe. The high-frequency sound waves from this probe are aimed at the fat cells. The resultant frequency of vibration within the fat cells itself raises its temperature to higher levels, eventually causing it to melt. The cosmetic surgeon takes care to target only the fat cells with the intense sound waves and avoids damaging the healthy cells and tissues around them.

The fifth step requires using the small incisions for inserting the cannula underneath your skin. The cannula is a slim, blunt-tipped tube which is attached to a powerful surgical vacuum pump. The powerful suction of the cannula is able to remove the melted fat cells easily.

As the uppermost layers of fat are removed, the underlying muscles become naturally more defined. In effect, the high-definition liposuction treatment is able to remove fat from underneath your skin and reveal the tone and shape of your natural muscles with increased clarity and definition.

Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation in Dubai has helped immense number of patients to transform themselves into a more attractive and healthier body-shape using the high definition liposuction procedure. The high definition liposuction treatment is not only minimally invasive but is also cost-effective and shows successful results too.

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