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Posted April 13, 2023 by codeshiptech

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ChatGPT is a conversational Chatbot developed by OpenAI, based on the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture. It is proven to be one of the largest and most advanced AI models created so far in the field of AI. It understands natural human language and generate human like responses.

ChatGPT is a hot topic on the Internet everywhere we hear about it. There are even many rumours spreading widely that it might replace big shot search engine like Google or it might take away programmers’ jobs.

Is it true? Can ChatGPT really replace Google or take away job?

In this article we will try to study about ChatGPT from its history to its features and see if it can really replace Google and Programmers.

History Of ChatGPT
ChatGPT in an AI language model created by OpenAI (USA based machine learning and artificial research organization) in 2018, it can be traced back to the development of GPT. At first GPT was designed to predict next word in a given sequence of words. This was a revolutionary technology and proved to be highly useful and was highly utilized in a variety of applications such as machine translation, language generation, and music composition.

After a huge success of GPT the team started with the journey to develop a Chatbot that could convers with human in natural language. This led to the development of ChatGPT and its was released in 2020 since then ChatGPT has evolved a lot it has undergone multiple updates and enhancement and has become one of the most solid and advance Chatbot available today.

Features and Benefits of ChatGPT
ChatGPT processes and understands natural human language.
ChatGPT can compose stories and essays and many texts as you put your question it tries to answer in vary ways.
It is available to respond to your questions all day regardless of time.
ChatGPT responses appropriately to users input.
ChatGPT has access to wide range of information and can answer extensive questions and can respond in multiple languages.
Overall ChatGPT in a solid and advanced Chatbot that can produce human like responses in a conversational context.
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Can ChatGPT Replace Google?
The answer is NO. ChatGPT is not designed to replace Google or any other search engine for that matter. As we have seen it’s an AI Model that can provide answers to wide range of questions and Google is a search engine that helps user to find particular information on the internet like blogs, images, videos or any other media or information. While ChatGPT has the quality of providing high-value information and insights, it does not have same functionality like Google or any other search engine so it can never replace Google or any other search engine.

Can ChatGPT Take Away Programmers Jobs?
Recently this question was asked to Mr. Narayan Murthy, the founder of big IT Consulting firm Infosys. He mentioned that ChatGPT would not take away jobs as human mind is more flexible and adaptable in any situation that any AI Chatbot, so AI model like ChatGPT will definitely simplify developers work but It will never take away their jobs he claimed. Mr. Narayan Murthy also said that ChatGPT is good and we should utilize it and show our creativity and smartness to make innovations.

ChatGPT is a powerful Chatbot, it engages in a human like conversations on the basis of questions and it is designed to respond in a simple and natural human language with the help of this revolutionary technology excellent innovation can be made, for now it is free but by looking at the numbers soon it will have a subscription option, so use it to the fullest to simplify your work and don’t forget to add your creativity into it.

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