The Benefits of Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

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The American Academy of Pediatrics defines childhood as any age between 1 and 5 years. This includes pre-school and toddler years. The rapid development of early childhood is well-known and important for laying the foundation for future learning. This includes the motor, cognitive and social skills required to deal with the demands of kindergarten and pre-school. Parents and other caregivers can help their children's development during these formative years by choosing activities that challenge and stimulate their minds.

There are many references to the benefits of reading books and playing games. This article will focus on the importance of wooden jigsaws as a learning tool for children in their early years. Even with all the electronic gadgets and gizmos, children often find simple things appealing to them, such as a bouncy ball or an interesting book, and intriguing jigsaws puzzles.

You can group the benefits of Wooden Jigsaw puzzles into two periods in early childhood: toddler (ages 3-3), and preschool.

Toy jigsaw puzzles with large pieces and simple content should be provided to toddlers. As they become proficient at the simpler puzzles, caregivers will be able to introduce more complex puzzles and smaller pieces.

These children will enjoy the following benefits:

Hand-eye coordination through grasping and placing puzzle pieces
Understanding of different shapes and sizes
When they are able to assemble each puzzle, they have problem solving skills
Pride in a job well done, which can improve self-image and self-confidence.
They have enhanced memory abilities, which allows them to recall what they did and what they learned.
Understanding the concept of sequence in puzzle piece placement
Recognize different colors
Identification of objects, animals and other contents for jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles also offer the opportunity for parent/caregiver interaction, especially when a new jigsaw is introduced. It is a great bonding activity, but it also allows you to evaluate the difficulty of each puzzle. This can be frustrating for the toddler. You can also include other children in this quiet activity by having multiple jigsaws available. This provides a great opportunity for social interaction. 

Summary: Wooden jigsaw puzzles are a great way to develop your child's early cognitive skills. To ensure a good puzzle selection, parents, aunties, grammas and other family members as well as friends and caregivers should refer to the buying considerations checklist. Check out the wooden jigsaw puzzles at for examples that provide the benefits and satisfy the buying considerations noted herein.
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