Top Blockchain-Based Projects Working in Charitable Giving

Posted December 17, 2021 by cryptoland

In this article, we are looking at 5 blockchain projects that you will be proud to invest in.
Most blockchain projects aim to raise money and make profits with pointless products, but some of them are designed to help those in need. They try to solve serious social problems through the joint efforts of the community and conduct non-commercial activities in the fields of ecology, health, and education.

Blockchain technology and smart contracts make it possible to participate in solving global problems, from efficient cash transfers and tracking donations to outcome-based financing, making the process relatively transparent and fair. In this article, we are looking at 5 blockchain projects that you will be proud to invest in.

1. Revolution Coin (RVC)

Revolution Con is a blockchain-based project that aims to empower small NGOs to help poor people in African, European, and Asian regions. It will direct all donations towards smaller NGOs and less privileged communities in a systematic manner. This project will ensure that all your donations reach those in need on time.

RVC is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which virtually minimizes transaction fees, so most of your donations will go to NGOs. It will also boost transaction speed while maintaining safety and security.

The platform's network runs a Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism that relies on trusted and well-known validators to create blocks and therefore provide computing power to the network. Using authorizations to validate transactions leads to a faster flow of operations.

Everyone participates in this network and competes as a validator to achieve consensus. The project is also backed by a great team and each of our members is an expert in their field of perspective. Visit for more:

2. World Food Program (WFP)

The World Food Program (WFP) is providing support in the form of cash transfers and is testing blockchain as a means to make these transfers more efficient, transparent, and secure. WFP built and implemented a more robust blockchain system in refugee camps in Jordan. As per a report of 2018, above 100,000 people living in the camps redeem their cash aid in exchange for food through a blockchain-based, building blocks system.

3. Alice Funding Platform

Alice is a blockchain-based social funding platform that uses results-based financing to encourage charities by paying them only when the targets are achieved. Sharing impact data across platforms is expected to significantly reduce due diligence and reporting costs, and help social organizations cooperate more effectively.

4. BitGive

BitGive is yet another donation project that has been active since 2013 and accepts bitcoin for crowdfunding charitable projects. Anyone can donate bitcoins to BitGive or any other projects on their donation platform, GiveTrack.

Their Chandolo Primary School Water Project in Kenya is one of many successful projects which raised BTC 1.2 (about US$15,000) in January 2018 for the construction of rainwater catchment tanks, toilets, and training.

5. AIDChain

AIDChain is a platform that charities can use to promote projects, collect and manage charities. It is developing a number of blockchain-based solutions to make donations trackable and efficient in the charity sector.

So these are 5 reliable blockchain-based projects that are trying to make our world a better place for everyone. RC Token seems to be more effective as it is not only helping the small NGOs who are really working in African, European, and Asian regions, but also solving some of the existing problems that were until now making the path to a poverty-free world really hard. So if you want to participate in this movement visit and donate now.
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