Why Every SaaS Company Must Invest in Customer Training?

Posted April 19, 2022 by CXcherry

Simply having a customer training program doesn’t always lead to a higher customer retention rate. You need to take care of identifying, suggesting, and instructing your customers after onboarding is employed successfully.
Why Every SaaS Company Must Invest in Customer Training?
This Blog explains how SaaS Customer Training Programs can change the entire dynamics of their current revenue system & retain more customers.
As a SaaS Company, you have launched a new product feature. Your Marketing team is already tackling how to promote through offers to bring the customer attention.
Your Customer Success team is somehow managing how to support customers during the launch. And Sales teams are piled up with information that needs a single communication channel.
If you are also facing the growing pain points as a SaaS company - this blog is specially made for you.
Use the table of content to navigate the guide.
1. What is Customer Training?
2. How Are Companies Training Their Customers Now?
3. Getting Started With Customer Training
4. Importance of Customer Training for SaaS Companies
5. Successful Customer Training Growth Metrics
6. Conclusion

Key Tip #1: Understanding Customer Training.
Customer Training, in practical terms, means that your organization learns about the specific needs of customers, suggest products to meet their required outcome, and instruct them on how to use your product efficiently to accomplish their desired outcome.
3-Step Process to Successful Customer Training Program.

1. Identifying Customer’s Specific Needs.
2. Suggesting Apt Product & Services to Customers.
3. Instructing Your Customers About ‘How-To’ Use Your Products.
As a SaaS Company, you might have observed that those customers who are mindful of your product are more brand loyal & are an integral part, compared to those with a short-term usage goal with your brand.
So, to accomplish a long-term customer relationship, It gets crucial that you create a more inclusive training program that conveys your product smoothly into customers’ lifestyles. Furthermore, you’ll be able to conduct more mindfulness around your product’s extra features.
Let’s introspect about customers expecting as a buying & implementing experience.
We co-exist in the era where social-media applications are in use as a natural process. And why not? They are easy to use, effortless to connect with a known face, and bring a sense of longing to old memories.
Similarly, SaaS training programs must be an existing touch for your customers. Or it is a new thing for them - it must be an easy-to-progress platform.

Key Tip #2: How Are SaaS Companies Training Their Customers Now?
Many training programs are circulating as a buffet for SaaS companies to enhance their customer retention. Implementing programs just for the sake of achieving an end goal doesn’t lead to customer success.
Because essentially, your SaaS Customer training program must be effective enough to understand, provide, resolve, and evolve customers with their set of your products’ expectations.
And in return, your customers reward you with long-term loyalty. See how these top companies are training SaaS customers now:
1) Slack Gives You the Basics.
Slack is one of the software-as-service (SaaS) companies - educating customers about their added product functionality through the customer.
They reduced minor customer inconvenience and created a robust product delivering training that eases complex business software understanding.

Slack invested in 3 primary types of training content:
1. New Users Training.
2. Intro to Slack Training.
3. Admin Training - Walking Slack admins throughout the basic & complex features.
2) Hubspot
Hubspot is a renowned Digital Marketing space for startups & existing brands to use to grow their business. Their Inbound Marketing Approach has turned the tables while initiating customer education as a central marketing voice.

3) Survey Monkey
Survey Monkey is a leading online survey developer tool that helps with data analysis and representation. They introduced training resources that allow customers for a step-by-step instruction-based guide to achieve their customer satisfaction surveys. Also, it educates customers to measure and monitor survey templates creating a truly inclusive and personalized space for their customers.

Key Tip #3: Getting Started with Customer Training.

5 Must Think Reasons - Why SaaS Companies Invest in Customer Training?

1. Lucrative for Subscription-Based Business Model.
Easily understandable & smooth customer experience with your brand means they are more likely to come back to renew their subscription. Because providing enough resources to them leads them in such an experience like they’re pursuing their own desired outcome is freedom.
And, once your customer chooses their expected value from your product, reduced churn rate becomes a consequence of the learning environment they are experiencing as a buyer.
2. SaaS Is Booming in B2B & B2C Industry.
Global Software as a Service (SaaS) market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 11% with USD 99.9 billion during the forecast period 2021-2025 - It means that most B2B & B2C organizations are switching to SaaS products.
Current Market Trends suggests that in post-covid situations, global markets are likely to choose SaaS products as their customer deliverables & would mark their marketing strategies according to regional market response.
That’s why most Saas Companies are deploying customer training programs, realizing the immensity of future impacts they will have once the customer gets educated about their products & services.
3. Adds Resources to Customer’s Specific Needs.
Providing resources like - Learning Ebooks, Video Learnings, Live Sessions, and ‘How-to’ Modules or Guides adds an ongoing edge in customer’s awareness about your product.
Moreover, adding gamification & certifications results in a competitive self-analysis environment. The customer acknowledges the pace of learning progress.
4. Reduced Customer’s Churn: Effective Approach.
Once your customers are evolving their buyer’s persona in the learning environment, it gets easy for them to understand and implement your product more efficiently.
So, any raised customer query or request for a follow-up automatically resolves during their learning stage - Reliable Customer Support.
5. Feedbacks & Surveys: High Responsive Rate.
SaaS Companies’ revenue depends on customer recurring & long-term collaboration. To maintain a smooth transaction for the customer’s entire lifecycle with your brand - it’s a must that your feedback is not generalized but inclined towards a specific customer progressing stage.
Grouping different customers according to their needs & promoting feedback through quizzes or puzzles helps customers provide their grasping nature towards your learning content.

Key Tip #4: Importance of Customer Training For SaaS Companies.

1. Give Your Customer Success Team a Wingman During a New Product Launch.
SaaS companies admit that their customer success teams are not prepared or fully trained to onboard customers about product features during the launch.
This way, customers are either churned or bored away because of too many technicalities introduced to them at a single given hour.
Providing a pre-launch tutorial or explanatory videos to customers about the technicalities of products gives your customer success team a supportive edge of information.
2. Your Marketing Team Will Have A Specific Understanding of How & When to Promote Offers. (New Product Features)
Let's suppose your product’s new feature is in ask of promotions - your marketing team prepares offers & engaging content to compel customers’ interest towards this new particular feature.
But, would that be enough to gauge the utmost customer’s attention? Because no matter how lucrative your offers are for customers - They still consider it business!
So, once your marketing team is aware of particular customer desired needs, where customers are in their learning stage, you can plan your offers simultaneously - A better solution than an add-on.
3. It Bridges a Communication Info Network for Your Sales Team.
As a SaaS company, you might have observed that information got misled between the internal communication of customer support & sales teams - Hence, costing an expensive fix with a deal.
It’s all about how resourceful your particular sales team is & how easily they are communicating internally with other customer engagement teams.
Customer Training allows your sales teams a piece of updated information to process & communicate, avoiding any minor errors or glitches.
Especially, SaaS startups suffer miscommunications a lot in the starting phase because of meeting the deadlines, managing the information, guiding the employees, deploying customer supports, promotions, and all.
It gets daunting to share detailed information without any mishaps. Here, investing in Learning Management System is a perfect solution for SaaS Startups to create a head-on-manageable platform & AI support to enhance & expand simultaneously.

How is LMS - a perfect solution for SaaS Startups?
• An Intuitive AI Support for your L&D Teams.
• Very Cost-Effective & Lucrative Tool.
• It helps in Fresh & Creative Marketing Ideas Strategies.
• Technological Solution to understand your Customer Specific Needs.

Result of Successful Customer Training on Employees & Customers.
• Organizations with highly engaged employees can achieve a 21% increase in revenue.
• Reduced Product Training time by 70% spent on customers during onboarding about product knowledge: TypeForm.
• 84% of employees can meet the required training outcome in Best Performing Organizations.

Simply having a customer training program doesn’t always lead to a higher customer retention rate. You need to take care of identifying, suggesting, and instructing your customers after onboarding is employed successfully.
As a SaaS company, you have the tips & thinkable points for your whiteboard session introspecting on investing in the education of your customers.
So, once you discuss it over later coffee nights - Here’s Your Starting Point.
A quick pep-talk to our expertise. Welcome Aboard!
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