Kilews SKD-BN203LS6. ESD Electric Screwdriver 0.02 -0.34 Nm.

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ESTIC is respected name in the tightening tools industries, with their Nutrunner systems, Estic corporation leads the industries in the field of design, production and maintenance of energy saving auto assembly application.
Kilews provide best SKD-BN203 Series all over the world in the market
Adopting High-Functional Brushless Motor, marvelous lifespan and strong durability to repair and maintenance almost needless.
Smaller size, light weight, low noise-pollution, fashionable design, high stability and easy operation motor which gives the benefit of longer working-time. (3 years warranty on motor)
Brushless Motor has more stable torque output, it is best to fit for operating in clean-room circumstance and no worry of pollution will be arisen.
Best tool to assemble Watch, Laptop, Digital Camera, DVD Player, Cell Phone, Communication Equipment and High tech Products which need to be assembled in clean-

ESTIC is respected name in the tightening tools industries, with their Nutrunner systems, Estic corporation leads the industries in the field of design, production and maintenance of energy saving auto assembly application. They have varied number of DC nut runner for tightening various application, with torque ranging from 0.1Nm ~ 600Nm in handheld tools whereas 0.5Nm ~ 2700Nm in fixture tools. ESTIC Handheld tools are the most commonly used DC Nutrunner in the automation and the manufacturing industries for assembling large application requiring high level of tightening accuracy while torqueing.
DC Connector is an important part of the Estic tool assembly and is mainly comes along the controller. The DC connector is attached to the controller directly to provide the supply from the controller. ESTIC controller is one of the most advanced controllers in compare of any other conventional controller. It has all the advanced features that can be added into a controller from having an own in built mini PLC to having an output for controlled supply to power external devices that require control power supply as their input

The DC connector is a device which is attached at the DC output port of the controller. The DC connector is required along the controller because if there is any device requiring control power supply cannot be connected direct to the controller DC output port because the pins at output are very small and it is very difficult to solder the wire directly on the pins because if in future the connection require any change than the repeated soldering and disordering on the pin will result in the damage of the controller DC output which cannot be used for again. So, the DC connector is connected to the wire first with the screw holding the wire than the connector is directly attached to the output port.
Only connector which come along the controller and are made by the Estic can be used along the controller. Otherwise any other connector can result in malfunctioning of the controller and the DC output.
ESTIC controller DC output is used to supply control power to the external device which are run along the ESTIC whole system configuration. Tower lamp are powered by the DC output and the other signal wire are connected to the Relay I/O for signaling the OK/NG signal to show the status of the Tightening. HMI is also connected to the DC output to power supply the device.
The Dc output of the controller can be used for the general power supply. However, the DC output cannot be used to supply power to the devices that generates noise such as Solenoid because they would affect the controller from working normally.

Kilews Cordless Screwdriver are Best
Kilews cordless series is one the best cordless tool for the industrial use because of their accuracy and features etc. Kilews cordless tools play a vital role in assembling various appliances on a very large scale so that the production demands of the industries can be meet. During large scale production a large number of times while assembling an appliance torque is not applied properly due to which quality of the product gets affected. Due to the poor quality the work efficiency and the industries reputation gets affected.
High performance brushless motor and lithium-ion battery are adopted for all Kilews cordless shut off screwdrivers for industrial purpose. There are 2 methods to adjust torque, which are internal adjustment and external adjustment. Internal adjustment models are SKC-PTA-220/150/120/80/50 & SKC-PTA-L300/600 torque range from 1 – 60 N.m. Speed range from 350 – 2100 RPM. External adjustment models are SKC-PTA-B120/90/60F/50F/60/35/35F/, torque range from 1.5 – 12 N.m. Speed range from 800 – 2000 RPM.
Advantages of Kilews Cordless tool: -
Protection protocol of the Kilews cordless tool PCB is their most useful features. There are various types of PCB protection functions for all of their cordless screwdriver models to avoid overload or stalling or protecting the PCB and Battery from any rise in temperature.
• High Current Protection
Tools in the industries are used continuously for the assembly so the production rate will not get affected so, during the operation of the screwdriver when the consumption of the current is increasing up to 100A/200ms, then the screwdriver automatically enters the protection mode and stop the tightening operation.

• Low Battery Voltage Protection
Due to the continuous use of the cordless tool the voltage of the battery drops to 16.5V, the red light on the tool become to flash and there is also a buzzer on the tool that makes a beep when the battery power remains 20% and when the battery drops to 16.0V that means the battery power remains 10% and the red light star ON and the buzzer continuous for two beeps and the screwdriver stops working.
• Overheat protection
The Kilews cordless screwdriver are advanced and also have the PCB board protection from any damage due to the temperature rise. When the temperature of the PCB board temperature rises up to 80°C then the operation of the tool stops working until the temperature of the PCB drops below 70°C.
• Stall protection
The Kilews cordless screwdriver consist of a feature known as stall protection features. It enables when the tool motor cannot rotate in 100 milliseconds.
• Low Speed Protection
Kilews screwdriver is an advanced tool and if the tool motor rotates slowly than the average then the feature low speed protection stops the tool from further operation to prevent any load on the motor.
• F/R Switch
The Kilews cordless screwdriver consist a switch with a 3 section to provide an efficient operation. When the operator holding the tool while operation the tool is facing towards the front, the right section of the switch is forward for tightening the bolts and the middle section is neutral for when the tool is not in use and the left section is reverse for loosening the bolts.
• Battery ID Recognition
The Kilews cordless tool are advanced and have feature that protects the tool from any unwanted damage, it has battery ID recognition to protect the tool from any damage that a damage battery can do to the tool.
• Power Saving Mode
The cordless tool is advanced and have features that saves power consumption of the tool and when the tool is not used for more than 3 seconds then the PCB protection function of the tool automatically send the tool in standby mode.
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