Some simple questions from a beginner OSRS player

Posted August 13, 2020 by Dingbest

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Since jagex is continuing to add new content OSRS is far better than a server that is personal and players are polled because of it. A personal server isn't likely to have a team of devs working on stuff, and also the playerbase doesn't have any control over changes. Osrs abilities are slower than RS3. I made a brand new RS3 alt and it got over 2/3 the total levels of my account. I attempted osrs and even swapped to buy my way but it was still too slow.

You aren't currently doing it efficiently enough. RS3 has a lot more variety when it comes to levelling up (and combat XP comes from killing( not hitting). RS3 on the opposite hand (before ED was around) got me to ~1200 full in 1-4h per day for month. This got boosted on a brand new account to ~1800 at a month with my first ever 99 following 11 years.

If I needed to play with OSRS today I could probably make it ~ 1300 total in a month. I know my manners round XP speeds that are slower to make them efficient. I don't want to since OSRS isn't what it was. It was far more enjoyable back in'14 and'15 (tear my previous OSRS account I had maxed. Forgot the consumer and email - took 3 years to max because I wasn't efficient enough at the time, and it wasn't how it is today) but it died out to me as soon as they butchered it with private server-ish content. I've played servers greater than OSRS that were not based on OSRS on precisely the exact same XP rate as RuneScape (if given as a choice, otherwise I won't perform ).

In case you've got the in-game currency, you can buy any ability however combat skills (excluding prayer and slayer), agility, thieving, mining and fishing on OSRS, the fastest being fletching because of the quick switching method with darts which grants mad amount of XP/h, making it the quickest 99 to get. RS3 includes inflation, which OSRS doesn't have. Outdated, weak items that were once endgame items are now value from 70k (abyssal whip) to 4m/5m (AGS). Of course, the close endgame things of OSRS are things such as Bandos and whatnot, I have not bothered being with that game, so using RS3 for the past 5 months.

OSRS is imo. There's not much to do. Right now, I wan na na go and max out my main prior to heading for F2P an Ironman, and F2P Ironman. It's not worth setting challenges there.This is not what pay to acquire means you absolute brainlet. Doesn't mean you need to buy gp to finish them, because abilities cost more! Meanwhile it is possible to get xp lamps and bonus xp and equipment without even training a skill. Even if you purchase bonds you need to spend time and you get lower xp rates. In addition, your debate of daily/monthly xp that is free is shit. Oh no you have to make money in RuneScape rather than being spoon fed everything. I think we just have different notions of what is pay to win, although I respect your view, it is apparently the interpretation.

For me it's more about alternatives that are free. Like my examples show, in osrs if you would like to train structure or prayer you've got to shell out GP. There's no other alternative. So if you're a level free of gp and you wish to train those skills I feel you are essentially encouraged to purchase gold. I am able to go do nexus and receive 43 prayer. I can go do god statues and wilderness warbands and train building for free. There's no reason for me to buy gold to train these skills.

You do not *need * to buy gold at RS3. And you'll be able to purchase gold and purchase a twisted bow and whatever in osrs as well without training a skill. That's no different. Yes you can buy bonus xp and xp lamps but you don't have to since there are so many great and training approaches that are free that I feel osrs lacks. Unlike RS3 you can't buy 75 ranged with lamps until you can use a tbow. I frankly do not really understand why you're so opposed to earning money to educate buyable skills. You do not even want construction or prayer for a majority of the ancient game.

There are many more I want to tell you, but time is limited. These views and ideas are all from this website, if you are interested, you can browse them in detail. URL:
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