Proper Hygiene is Vital In A Dog Run

Posted February 5, 2022 by dogrunpanels

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Do you have a dog run on your premises? The team at Dog Run Panels state that it is vital to ensure that you maintain optimal hygiene at all times in this space to ensure that your dogs remain healthy and happy. As this is a matter of high importance, he also expanded on how you can be sure that your dog run is in an optimal condition at all times and is the perfect space for your dogs to be in.
“When it comes to cleaning dog runs, there are certain tasks that you need to take care of daily while others would require your attention weekly. You want your dogs to stay in a fresh environment and therefore it is vital that you scoop up their poop and spray down the hard surfaces every day. This will ensure that no unpleasant odours are coming from your dog run. If dirt builds up in this space, it is not only posing a hygiene risk for your dogs but it can also turn into a situation that can impact your health too,” Berrisford states.
The number of hours that dogs would spend every day in the dog run would also determine how much cleaning this would entail. He then states that he can’t emphasise enough how important it is to ensure that your dogs have access to freshwater daily. Dogs do drink quite a bit of water and when the water levels are getting too low in their water supplies, they can struggle to scoop it up with their tongues, so you need to ensure that it is full.
Weekly tasks would include that you give the water and food bowls in the run a good wash to prevent a build-up of old food to form a breeding ground for bacteria. While you should clean the area daily, it would suffice to give the hard surfaces a good spray weekly to wash away any traces of urine. Many people would also store the dog food or treats in or around the dog run. As this would be outside, it is important to check that these containers are also clean and that it closes securely so that no bugs or even rodents obtain access to their food. Exposure to bugs and rodents can contaminate the dog food and convey a range of illnesses to your dogs.
While this might appear to be a lot of work, Berrisford highlights that keeping dogs is a responsibility and that it is best to keep your finger on hygiene in the best possible manner.
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