Every time you complete your floor to the maximum

Posted February 25, 2022 by Dragonborn

To dungeon, I'd like to purchase a g2h longbow sight, and a twisted necklace
I hit around 300K last week. If the merchandising goes well I'll likely get to the 1M mark this weekend. The speed of merchandising should increase. Name changed. Thank you! Here's my attempt to keep the process short. This weekend, I'll be out for about 7 hours since I have a PD day on the Friday... should I dung for 7 hours straight, or camp at the hillys? Do I want to camp at fleshies or hillys for the extra xp? I'll either.

To dungeon, I'd like to purchase a g2h longbow sight, and a twisted necklace. Which should I get? Happy? I'll put the bones in hills and will leave them to the roots that are limp and bank them to look for G.E. Simple. And... Should I hurry floors or take on all rooms? Should I be working in a group or on my own?

If you're thinking of ring classes simply search them out on the Wiki. Most often, the classes that are the most efficient are the melee classes. Following the freezing of floors, you will find the first set of floors that have been abandoned.

1 . and 2. Dungeons are quite slow at lower levels and you're unlikely to earn excessive xp. Consider how fast you can complete dungeons. Also, figure out how much xp you get in the average for each dungeon. C1 or C6 varies based on your speed. If you are able to complete C1 in two minutes, and then get 55xp, an c6 that takes 20mins and earns you 650xp is more efficient in terms of xp. 20 minutes/2 minutes = 10. 10x55xp is 550xp. In the same amount of time. a c6 would gain you the equivalent of 650xp.

Every time you complete your floor to the maximum, you must reset. "Do I attempt to do the smallest floor in each class?" I have no idea what you intend to say by this question. It is common for people to rush and gain more xp however, doing everything can be more enjoyable. That's a personal choice. You earn xp points for the amount of monsters you kill and for the rooms you enter. The bonus that you can earn for entering rooms is much higher than for killing monsters. So, make sure you enter each room, but only kill monsters when you desire or require it.

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