This quest is started by you reciveing a message from Oldak to come along

Posted May 5, 2021 by Dragonborn

This quest is started by you reciveing a message from Oldak to come along
This quest is started by you reciveing a message from Oldak to come along and speak to him in Dorgesh-Kaan. Hi Oldak, you sent for me? I've been searching for you for months, months I tell you! Adventurers..bah! You wonder a lot of. . For the last few weeks my drams have been tormented by Zanik calling me out. I think, she's in trouble!

I sort of guessed that when she disappeared into the Sarcophagus in Yu'biusk. You must assist her ____, your only hope. Option 1...I will do anything to help zanik Oldak, option 2 I am too busy at the moment... Option one response: Good, great, I knew you would say that! But how are you going to get to Yu'biusk? I cannor open the portal again for you. I have recently had to utilize simular rings to help a fairy queen, ther must be a means to get there through these rings. Fairies? They Exsist? Oh, well never mind..take this to Zanik should you find her.

Of course, you can use the Magic prayer protection, However, when Nemesis sees that you simply using Prayer protection after a few hit Nemesis, It'll stop using breeze attack and start using Energy drain (Green powders upon your teammates, Draining up to 50 Prayerpoints a 5 seconds) Although you and your teammates can stop it by Attacking Nemesis hard with no hitting you besides draining your prayer points.

If it gets to 1000 Hp, It'll stop using Energy drain and rest it wings, getting on the ground for ultimate Melee combat. Nemesis does not walk, It runs very quickly (probably 2x your Running rate ) and start attacking you with a Slash attack every teammate, Hiting up to 60.

When it gets to 600 Hp, Nemesis will eliminate the floor with its wings and start trying to find a Goal to attack with the 2nd Hardest aspect of Nemesis' power. Once it finds a goal (teammate) It'll fly fast and grasp among your teammates and start a Time limitation. You and your Teammates should hit 100 Hitpoints until 15 Seconds is upward, If you do not make it, The person that has been gripped by the dreadful monster is going to be banished (One hit kill) back to lummy. Nemesis will repeat again with a new teammate to traction.

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