Retired NYPD sergeant continues uphill fight

Posted February 26, 2023 by dwgpr2019

Despite the setbacks handed to him from low courts, retired NYPD sergeant John F. Marchisotto is not giving up his pursuit for justice.
Despite the setbacks handed to him from low courts, retired NYPD sergeant John F. Marchisotto is not giving up his pursuit for justice.

For reasons the former law enforcement does not understand and still cannot get explained, New Jersey law enforcement launched a vendetta against him.

"The courts and law enforcement officers started coming after me," he said. "They raided my house without cause, terrifying my kids. They have continued to harass me."

After the first court order, Mr. Marchisotto appealed the decision. Each step of the way, the court system has upheld the lower courts. The Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, is the latest court to uphold the decisions by lower courts.

“If you read the files and the court reports and the decisions, you can see there is no doubt the court system technically discriminated against me,” Mr. Marchisotto said. “They used my status as a retired police sergeant to come after my guns when I made no threats to anyone, and was only pursuing a legal matter within the courts.”

Interestingly, the Appellate Division court order says, "Not for publication without the approval of the Appellate Division." At the same time, the order says, "it is posted on the internet."

"That tells you something right there," Mr. Marchisotto says. "Why do they want to hide the decision? On one hand they say it can't be published without permission, and on the other hand, it is publicly available. Unless a judge finds a very compelling reason to seal records, anything the courts do is open to the public, this ruling included. It does not make sense, which is something I am continuing to deal with as I pursue justice in this matter."

You may view the order through the link at the end of this announcement.

In addition, the former lawman is seeking help to take his case to the US Supreme Court. Click to learn more about this effort.

"I am reaching out for support to help cover the costly legal fees in my fight against discrimination by the corrupt court system of New Jersey," he said. "Legal fees add up. It's tough to take on the "system" alone. If you can help chip in, please do. If all you can do is share, that is appreciated also."

He said an appeal to the Supreme Court is his hope for justice in this matter. He is also hoping the High Court will take a look at the NJ court system and what he sees as systemic corruption.

"The Superior Court of New Jersey Appellate Division is known for bias, corruption, cover-ups, of criminal activity committed by lower court judges. This has to stop," he said. "I am not the only one this court is stomping on. I am the one who refuses to take it and I am fighting back."

To read the documents in this latest round before the Superior Court of New Jersey, read the court filings in Dropbox - .

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