The main function of the router

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A router is a device that connects to various local area networks and wide area networks in the Internet.
A router is a device that connects to various local area networks and wide area networks in the Internet. It automatically selects and sets routes according to the channel conditions, and sends signals in the best path and in sequence. The router is the hub of the Internet, the "traffic police". At present, routers have been widely used in all walks of life, and various products of different grades have become the main force in realizing various backbone network internal connections, backbone network interconnections, and backbone network and Internet interconnection services. The main difference between routing and switching is that switching occurs at the second layer (data link layer) of the OSI reference model, while routing occurs at the third layer, the network layer. This difference determines that routing and exchange need to use different control information in the process of moving information, so the two ways to achieve their respective functions are different.

The router is the main node device of the Internet. The router determines the forwarding of data through routing. The forwarding strategy is called routing, which is the origin of the router name. As the interconnection hub between different networks, the router system constitutes the main context of the Internet based on TCP/IP. It can also be said that the router constitutes the skeleton of the Internet. Its processing speed is one of the main bottlenecks of network communication, and its reliability directly affects the quality of network interconnection. Therefore, in the campus network, regional network, and even the entire Internet research field, router technology has always been at the core position, and its development process and direction have become a microcosm of the entire Internet research. At the time when my country’s network infrastructure and information construction is in the ascendant, discuss the role, position and development direction of routers in the interconnection network, for domestic network technology research, network construction, and clarify the importance of routers and network interconnections in the network market. All kinds of specious concepts of, all have important meanings.

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