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The production of polyclonal antibodies involves repeated immunization of the animal with the desired antigen.
As soon as a sufficient titer (antibody concentration) is reached, blood is drawn from the animal, and the antibodies are removed from the serum. Polyclonal antibodies can be made quickly and at a relatively low cost and do not require the same experience or time as monoclonal antibodies. It can also be particular, and high concentrations can be purified from relatively small amounts of serum. However, polyclonal antiserum contains a heterogeneous set of antibodies that are difficult to replicate in subsequent vaccinations. Unlike the production of monoclonal antibodies, a stable source of antibodies cannot be created.
We provide all kinds of antibodies like DNPK1. Capralogics is a complete production center for polyclonal antibodies. For more than 25 years, we have been committed to delivering high-quality animal serum and plasma to the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and research industries. Capralogics is a USDA licensed center that is OLAW compliant and is also registered as a blood collection center according to EC 1069/2009. The company also manufactures and sells new antibody products for research.
Since 2007 Capralogics, Inc. has extensive immunization services experience producing custom polyclonal antibodies in goat anti-llama. Jamal is unique with smaller functional single-chain antibodies made up of a single variable binding domain called VHH and two unique stable environments named CH2 and CH3.
VHH domain antibodies have several practical uses and advantages over traditional IgG antibodies, including the following:
VHH antibodies are small and can detect antigenic sites normally inaccessible to normal antibodies, such as the active sites of enzymes and the in vivo barriers that form the vascular endothelium.
We also deal with sheep anti-5-methyl cytosine. So if you ever require any, then order it from us.
Project management Development of customer-specific polyclonal antibodies from antigen selection to the end product. Let our highly qualified and qualified employees support you in all phases of antibody development. Capralogics has provided: Custom polyclonal antibody development for a wide variety of customers since 1994. We believe it is essential to work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs truly.

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