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Posted December 27, 2019 by ellemilled

Getting a sugar daddy is not a big deal, but how you build and maintain your relationship matters. It becomes a journey, and you must not ask anything directly.
It all started when I went to the doctor for getting Sally checked. Having paid $300 in my cat’s health charges, I became broke and I had no money to catch a cab or eat. Then, I started to think about what kind of life I was living. I am beautiful, sexy, attractive and educated; any sugar daddy will love to have me if not any rich guy. All the freelance work could not help me to live a decent life.
I had to work day and night to pay the impending bills of my lovely pet. But what else to do!
I searched:
“How to Get the Best, Romantic and Loving Sugar Daddy”
I did not get any satisfying results, as my demands were too many. Then, I searched again:
“How to Find the Sugar Daddy”
My fewer demands got me to the right article which guided me on how to find the best sugar daddy, and which websites could help me in landing the best sugar daddy. Having begun my hunt, I started becoming very curious about the life I was going to have. I would imagine lunches in cooling beaches of the Maldives, gambling in Monaco and shopping in Milan. But were all these things possible with a sugar daddy? Was I this lucky, at all?
Luckily, I met David online through a sugar daddy dating website. Before David, I also met numerous potential sugar daddies but I rejected all of them after one or two dates. Those dates made me realized: “I was their tissue paper.” So, I bucked up, felt good with my pride and ditched their money.
Life became too generous after I met David. David was the right sugar daddy I wanted. He took care of my pet in the loveliest manner. Though I am 20 years old and David is 38, but we enjoy each other’s company tremendously. He understands me, I understand him, we like each other; we became each other’s best friends and had fun. Then, we had sex. I am giving him everything, being a friend, providing fun and being the best bed partner as well. What would I want more? I am getting five-star treatment, my pet has been taken care of and I am living a billionaire’s life.
I do not know when I have to quit or what the future of my relationship is, but I am happily living my present relationship. Despite all the negative aspects related to my arrangement relationship with a sugar daddy, my all girlfriends want to know how they can also find and get a sugar daddy. Here is the deal:
1. Be Consistent. Never Worry.
First of all, you have to make up your mind upon meeting a person whom you will be willing to sleep. I could not imagine sleeping with a man above 50 years of age or anybody who was married. My goals were clear:
The man has to be between 30 years of age and 40 years of age.
The sugar daddy should not be married. I vowed not to become a home breaker.
The man should be good-looking. The man does not have to be the most attractive but should look presentable.
With these aims, I landed upon the right person. You must clear your mind of all the confusion and start your hunt of the best sugar daddy.
2. Check Him On Your Initial Dates
When you start dating him, you must check if he really has the money. If he is penniless and poses to be a sugar daddy, you can fall into a dangerous trap of the worst kinds. In order to check if he is really wealthy, you must ask him to meet you at the swankiest restaurant. You must ask him certain questions about travel, holidays, books, love life and past life to ensure you are spending your precious time with the right person.
Having been ensured about him, you can build your strong relationship with him.
3. Play the Perfect Girlfriend Role, Not a Servant
No sugar daddy deserves to treat another young girl as a prostitute. You must keep yourself unavailable on four nights in a week, and make yourself available three nights in the week to keep him interested in you. You must know how to play your role. You must play a sensitive, beautiful, emotional, and rich from the heart and good girl role with your sugar daddy – Nobody wants a vulgar prostitute in their beds!
This is the job of a sugar baby: being a friendly, busy, happy, mysterious and fun person. So, you should keep your sugar king amused 24/7 with your good girl attitude.
4. Ask Him For Good Favors
All the sugar daddies are called one because they are busy making money. They will expect you to look the most beautiful, sexiest and the most attractive when they meet you. As you cannot afford the best spas treatments and gyms in town, they must get you signed up in one.
Remember! You should not ask anything straightly if you want to get a sugar daddy successfully. You must talk about how beautiful other girls are, and then talk about good spa treatments and gyms, and that you want to look the best and you want one too. This is how; you must ask all other favors as well.
5. Getting Paid For Your Job
You cannot live in your old home; wear your old clothes and shoes having been linked up with a sugar daddy. You should ask him to provide you with a good amount of money to sustain a month and request some expensive gifts from him while you sext. Sexting and bed should be the places where you ask what you want – he will bless you with those expensive gifts! This is how it works.
Getting a sugar daddy is not a big deal, but how you build and maintain your relationship matters. It becomes a journey, and you must not ask anything directly. Rather, you should pose as if he must give you. Happy finding a sugar daddy! https://www.getasugardaddy.org/
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