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Electrotechnical products requirements for enameled wire : enameled wire is widely used in winding coils of motors, electrical instruments, household appliances, etc.
Electrotechnical products requirements for enameled wire : enameled wire is widely used in winding coils of motors, electrical instruments, household appliances, etc. Therefore, its structure size and various properties must meet the requirements of the design, manufacture, processing and use environment of electrical products.

Structural size requirements: Electrotechnical products are designed according to their power, groove size, and the use of the environment to select the type of enameled wire and paint film thickness grade. The size part will refer to the corresponding standards (such as JIS, GB|, NEMA), so it must be strictly controlled according to the standard in production, otherwise it will not meet the requirements of electrical products.

Appearance: Appearance is also an important indicator of the quality of the enameled wire. To meet the requirements of the coiled wire and the ruled wire, the surface of the enameled wire should be smooth and uniform, with a small coefficient of friction, and there should be no defects that affect the performance of the product.

Mechanical properties: In the winding process, to withstand bending, stretching, hammering, impact and other damage, it is required that the film has good wear resistance, scratch resistance and good adhesion. In order to facilitate the processing also requires enameled wire has a good flexibility, flexibility, bending performance.

Electrical properties: The enameled wire must withstand the occurrence of voltage and overload in the process of operation. Therefore, the breakdown voltage must be high. The resistance of the enameled wire, the breakdown voltage, the soft breakdown, and the continuity of the paint film should be controlled during the production process.

Heat resistance: The heat resistance rating of enameled wire refers to the maximum working temperature that can be used in long-term use. It is the first consideration when designing an electrotechnical product. The enameled wire must work for a long time at a high temperature, and the heat will cause the paint film to age, become hard, and become brittle, which will reduce and lose the mechanical and electrical strength. Therefore, the thermal stability is an important factor that determines its service life.

Chemical resistance: In general, the enameled wire should be impregnated with coils in coils, in which the solvent has swelling effect on the paint film. In the process of use, it may also come into contact with some chemical media such as chemical gases and marine salt fog, so the enameled wire must have good Chemical stability.

Other properties: As some enameled wires are used in more special environments, there are some other requirements for enameled wire, such as solderability, resistance to freezing, and self-adhesion of the paint film.

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