Washington D.C.’s Eurydice Hazzard Indicates the End of Times is Nigh: Starts Compiling the “Heavenbound List”

Posted October 4, 2022 by EurydiceHazzard

Announces all avenues of entering heaven are closed except for her permission.
10/04/2022: Eurydice Hazzard made her “Heavenbound List” public in August 2022. Since then, she has added several names to the list and plans to bring the final tally to 144,000. The number holds a special meaning for Hazzard because it was mentioned in Revelation 7:4-8 to indicate people who were sealed and would be spared the coming trial.

The same number also appeared in Revelation 14:1-5, Psalm 50:10, and Isaiah 53:12-1, lending credence to its spiritual significance. While there have been several interpretations for 144,000 over the years, Hazzard believes it simply denotes the individuals who have passed muster despite being surrounded by sin. 

While discussing how the whole thing works, Hazzard’s representative said, “It’s simple. The time for a turnaround is up. Now, the world has to wait as Eurydice decides who gets to go to hell and who’ll have access to heaven. She’s the judge—the angel, the Woman in the Woods, and the Reaper. It’s a foregone conclusion, so you might as well get used to it.”

Upon asking who qualifies for a place in heaven, they said, “There are some cases where the whole thing is pretty black-and-white. For instance, all wicked women, without exception, will go to hell. Conversely, all true Jews, Christians, and Muslims will go to heaven. The same goes for full-blooded Native Americans and most children under the age of 12. By that age, they are well-rounded enough to know whether they want to side with good or evil, and should therefore be judged like regular individuals.”

Hazzard’s current list of heavenbound individuals contains the names of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Britney Spears, and John Legend. She has also onboarded several non-celebrities to the “Heavenbound List.” Apart from the people identifying with the religious groups mentioned above, Hazzard has included individuals identifying other groups in the list. Examples include government bodies, organizations, sexual orientations, and genders.

Hazzard’s list starts with her son’s name, whose release she continues to advocate for. She has encouraged her followers to support the cause of regaining custody of her son. He resides with his father, whom Hazzard has called the devil incarnate in several Facebook updates.

She chose the social media platform because of its visibility and freedom to air her message. To view her posts and gain more information about the end times, visit https://bit.ly/3BSwN35.
About Eurydice Hazzard
Eurydice Hazzard identified herself as “The Woman in the Woods and the Reaper” from Revelations 12. Hailing from Washington, D.C., the self-professed angel is dedicated to pulling the proverbial curtain and making people see the truth. She is dedicated to exposing the evil in the world and giving it one last chance to do something about it. For more information, visit her Facebook page below.

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