Ari ritual sasha died of shooting, preliminary judgment was suicide

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Iran last king pahlavi little son ari ritual, asaph pahlavi 4, in Boston, Massachusetts, aged home suicide 44.
Iran last king pahlavi little son ari ritual, asaph pahlavi 4, in Boston, Massachusetts, aged home suicide 44.

Declan himself shot at home

His brother ritual, asaph pahlavi 4 at the individual's official website ( top write a way: "we with great sorrow to compatriots announced: ali, The Times of asaph pahlavi prince died. He was deeply for the motherland fate worries, without a father and her sister's experience and let him cripple. For many years, he always fight with pain, and finally give up."
The PET bottle cap pahlavi family's spokesman said, familial member in 4 days at 2.30 learned ari ritual asaph pahlavi in the home, committed suicide.

Boston police say, ari ritual sasha died of shooting, preliminary judgment was suicide. American Iran African American National Council (National Council) President of Iranian as Troy issued a statement that said, all Iran African americans felt sorry about the incident. The deceased's a neighbor said, ari ritual sasha peacetime treats people easygoing, always elegantly-dressed.

Iranian news television (Press released the last set) prince in the United States of suicide news, Iran netizens in succession in TV station website message. Some said Iran will sooner or later the government accepted the pahlavi family, ari ritual sasha is see this day, Some netizens to dead mother ferrari ??? pahlavi sympathy, feeling she lost two children, outliving; Also have netizens said this is dictator descendants deserved their fate.

Sibling successively deteriorate faster

Ari ritual, asaph pahlavi was born in 1966, April 28. In 1979, Iran's islamic revolution erupted after his father, Iran last king Mohammed - ms reza ??? pahlavi dynasty was overthrown. In 1980, the exiled mohamed ms reza in Cairo Egypt died later his family moved to the United States to settle down.

Ari ritual gaza in 1984 at Princeton university, bachelor degree in 1992 at Columbia University for a master's degree, and subsequently into Harvard University for a doctorate, research Iran ancient history. Ari ritual asaph unmarried, 2001 once life engagement, but later with fiancee broke up. He was fond of parachuting, flight and reading, good friends said he was "elegant" and "be".

Ari ritual sasha is pahlavi in family members of the second suicide. In 2001, the pahlavi king's daughter, princess Leila pahlavi in a London hotel medicine to commit suicide, died in hers 31.
Former ambassador to Iran HuaLiMing had experience 32 years ago pahlavi dynasty fell scene. That prince ali - ritual before the news, pizza suicide HuaLiMing said, ari courtesy is the death of asaph with his current life state closely related.

HuaLiMing explanation says, ari ritual sasha is former king's youngest son. His family after residing in the United States, his brother, prince, asaph ritual before pahlavi often published restoration speech, claim to overthrow Iranian government, establish the constitutional monarchy country, so Iranian authorities always pay close attention to the pahlavi family movements. Ari ritual sasha from 13 began in exile in career, always live in a hidden state, actions without freedom, so mental state won't good, he probably because of long-term depression leads to suicide.
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