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Posted March 21, 2022 by excellentblinds

A couple of corner windows in many homes provide an excellent view and adequate lighting, but they also present a challenge when planning cohesive corner window treatments.
A couple of corner windows in many homes provide an excellent view and adequate lighting, but they also present a challenge when planning cohesive corner window treatments. When it comes to cornering window treatments, you can go as simple or elaborate. The size of the window may influence your choice of window treatment materials. As a result, we've come up with some window treatment suggestions to assist you in finding the best shutters and blinds for your space.

• Window Awnings: Window awnings can be a lovely addition to your home's exterior. Metal, canvas, or water-repellent, weather-resistant synthetic fibers can all be used. When properly installed, they provide a comfortable covering for your flower boxes while limiting the amount of heat entering your home.

• Blinds: Any blinds that prevent outside illumination and trap air inside your houses will reduce your energy bill. They'll perfectly fit your corner windows, leaving no gaps for light or air to leak through. If you want to take your energy-saving window treatments further, consider highly reflective blinds.

• Shades: Any home can be made to feel warm and inviting with a variety of custom shades. They're also the most fundamental of eco-friendly window treatments. Multiple-cell shades are also preferable because they trap air inside, where it belongs.

• Sheers and valances: Valances are a simple solution for sprucing up corner windows by coordinating with valances to make the windows stand out. Add sheers for a new look if you need a little extra protection or want to control the lighting.

• Shutters for the inside and outside of the home: Shutters can be installed inside or outside a home. They're not only popular in today's home design, but they're also among the most environmentally friendly options. In extreme temperatures, they provide weather protection, increased security, and a reduced risk of thermal shock to your windows. Window shutters come in various materials and can be installed mechanically to suit your needs.

• Drapes: Drapes are the most common energy-efficient window treatment. Drapes add a stylish touch while also helping to regulate indoor temperatures. Not all drapes save energy, and various factors influence their ability to maintain heat loss and gain. The fabric you select will influence how well your drapes perform in energy efficiency. If you're trying to reduce incoming heat during the summer, choose a multi-colored drape with a white backing to help reflect the heat. Not to mention that the creases and folds of the drape will help with heat convection. You can also use drapes to insulate a home in the winter.

Excellent Blinds has the highest quality shutters and blinds for your corner windows. Many homeowners are unaware that various window treatments can also help them save money on their energy bills. Window treatments are important not only for their aesthetics but also for their ability to save energy. Custom shades are now available to enhance the interior of your home while also reducing heat loss in the winter and incoming heat in the summer. Excellent Blinds can assist you in enhancing your home with corner windows, and with a wide range of window treatments to choose from, you're sure to find something that works for you.
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