Large Lord Venkateshvara as Balaji at Tirupati Brass Statue

Posted March 19, 2022 by exoticindiaart

Balaji is considered Lord Vishnu's Kaliyug Avatar. Lord Tirupati Balaji is believed to be so powerful that mere sight of the idol is enough to emancipate a man from a lifetime of suffering.
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Balaji is considered Lord Vishnu's Kaliyug Avatar. Lord Tirupati Balaji is believed to be so powerful that mere sight of the idol is enough to emancipate a man from a lifetime of suffering. Lord Venkateshwara is a full four-armed representation of Vishnu. But only two are visible from the front. Lord Balaji is shown having a U-shaped tilak on his forehead which is the signature style to describe the divine deity who is the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. The reawakening of Vishnu is blessed by Kubera the lord of wealth and prosperity which is why he bestowed in a multitude of ornaments from head to toe. Each jewelry and trinket he adorns is a blessing from Kubera and Lakshmi. On his chest are plated two figures of Lakshmi which indicates his everlasting love for her. He stands tall in his heavy cylindrical crown which is engraved and gilded in unusual designs. Notice he bears conch a disc in his hands. The story of these two is ancient and retold. Lord Vishnu while his consort, Goddess Lakshmi, lays in repose against his chest. Thousands of years ago, a sage named Bhrigu kicked Lord Vishnu on his chest. Goddess Lakshmi forsook her husband and left his loving husband behind angrily. Frantic Lord Vishnu followed her to Earth and decided to stay until she calmed down. His everlasting love bequeathed him a present from Kubera which is why he is the world’s richest god on earth.
When it comes to sculpting a statue, brass sculptors put in a lot of effort and time to bring it to the level of a masterpiece, and this statue is a perfect illustration of that. Lord Tirupati Balaji stands atop an inverted lotus pedestal, which is supported by a multi-layered rectangular base with smooth edges and flower petal carvings, in his exquisite posture and pointed stance. This Lord Venkateshwara brass sculpture is one of a kind in terms of its smoothness, glow, curves, and carving intensity. One of the gold necklaces that reach his feet consists of beads with the images of Lakshmi carved on it. Every detail is magnificently carved by our finest sculptors. Lord Tirupati Balaji is embossed in a gilded crown which magnifies his splendid exquisiteness.
He stands tall on the edge of a half-moon base which is detailed with sophisticated designs. Both the goad and the conch are quite large and extremely whittle with high details. Take a look at the peculiar posture of Tripupati in which his hand is slightly resting on his hip. In Vedic literature, it is known as the Katya Vilambit hasta Mudra. It is said that it is a symbol that he would never let his devotees tolerate the trouble of the flood of the great ocean and it would only reach to the hip level.
Lord Venkateshvara as Balaji at Tirupati Brass Statue:
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