Lord Krishna With Queen Rukmini And Queen Satyabhama Wooden Carving

Posted April 2, 2022 by exoticindiaart

Of the many wives of Lord Krishna, the King of Dvaraka, Lord Krishna with Rukmini and Satyabhama was the first.
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Of the many wives of Lord Krishna, the King of Dvaraka, Shrimati Rukmini was the first. Whilst engaged to His cousin Shishupala, promised to him by her envious brother Rukmi, the princess of Vidarbha beseeched Her Lord and love to come and take her away. In carrying out her wishes, He made her the first queen of Dvaraka. In this superfine wooden sculpture, she is seen standing to His left, gazing straight ahead and holding up a lotus in one of her hands.
To the right of Lord Krishna is the third of His wives, one of the tertiary queens of Dvaraka. Shrimati Satyabhama was the daughter of the treasurer of Dvaraka, Satrajit. In a moment of ego-induced weakness, he accused the great Lord of having seized the highly desirable Syamntaka jewel. The warrior that He was, Lord Krishna proved His innocence and earned all three of Satrajit’s daughters as brides. The chief amongst them, both in terms of age and beauty, was Shrimati Satyabhama.
In this intimate work of art, the Lord and His wives are depicted in close quarters with each other. Fashioned from wood, the finish resembles the style of ancient temples where Lord Krishna Rukmini and Satyabhama along with His wives is worshipped (instead of with His lover Radha). They stand at the graciously carved entrance of the temple, the black of their hair and the flowers and jewels of their shringar being the only infusions of color in the composition.
Krishna With Rukmini And Satyabhama Wooden Carving:
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