A retired U.S., Airmen-Airforce: Ashanti Wiggins is being imprisoned in Israel, precisely

Posted August 4, 2021 by ficket027

Ashanti Wiggins is a U.S. retired Airmen-Airforce, a singer, a son, father and husband.
After 105 days of imprisonment and a lengthy court battle, for not having a Visa during the Corona pandemic, Ashanti Wiggins was awarded his release on July 20th, 2021. It is 11 days post the judgment to release him. The Ministry of Interior refuses to comply with the judge's orders to release Ashanti Wiggins from imprisonment.

The court process is further delayed, because it is only available on Tuesday and Thursday: due to Corona virus. What seemed to be a great victory has left him and his family in a state of uncertainty, despair and gloom. Namely, the victim's mother, Carmen Whichard-Miller who is employed by NYPD and his wife Quishana Speede and her twins are concerned for his well-being. The victim is not allowed to make international calls and they only receive sporadic updates about their loved one- Ashanti Wiggins. This is not the first time that Ashanti Wiggins has been promised to be released, while the other dates failed to have proper documentation and his releases was only verbal on the judge's part. This release date of July 20th, 2021, is a signed document in His possession, that the Ministry of interior refuses to uphold. They are in charge of providing the victim, Ashanti Wiggins with status and compensation for his wrongful inhumane lengthy imprisonment. This is a crime against humanity.

Admist his wrongful imprisonment, the victim has faced many turmoil's and fear for his life, during the Palestine-Israel crossfire. He and 100 more have witnessed 3000+ rockets launched, from Palestine and some landing in close proximity to the Center, were visible through their windows. This center is under UN humanitarian aid for refugees, laws and protocols. The guards employed at this center during this crisis all ran to safety in secure bomb bunker. Thus leaving the imprisoned to be subjugated to imminent fear of being injured or possibly perishing from a rocket landing. A representative from The UN'S division in Geneva, Switzerland visited the center on May 20th, 2021; to assess the safety of the imprisoned, during the rockets. The representative spoke with the victim and many others including the guards who have since been replaced. Mr. Wiggins is battling perilous strife, during the regime change in Israel's Government, old laws have been replaced by new ones for refugees that are not being enacted. He is stuck in a state of deferral and facing a grave amount of unpredictability to his fate, in the judicial system of Israel's court. whilst witnessing newcomer's being released before him.

Prior to the border lockdown of over 400 days in Israel due to corona pandemic. Ashanti Wiggins has always encouraged people to visit Israel and he's been a co-leader on tourist groups alongside the Bedouin's to see many historical sites in Israel. A clip can be found on YouTube of Him being interviewed, by I24 News, titled Holy Land Uncovered News, the segment was the African-American and the bedouins. Ashanti Wiggins is a U.S. retired Airmen-Airforce, a singer, a son, father and husband. He is loved by many, all his family and friends are concerned about this crime of injustice incriminated against him. He has hired a second lawyer, to his fight his case. It saddens many that the Ministry of Interior, are refusing to abide by their own laws, for refugees and hold an obscene amount of power to dismiss the judgment of the judge to release him, back to society to restart a life in Israel.


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