Helping Your Dog Deal with Separation Anxiety

Posted July 24, 2021 by ficket027

Promote healthy pet wellness with full-spectrum, all-natural hemp oil for pets.
LAS VEGAS--There are millions of dogs in the United States and according to American Kennel Club (AKC) there are seven primary groups of dogs including:

 Sporting: Breeds in the Sporting Group were bred to assist hunters in the capture and retrieval of feathered game.
 Hound: All breeds in this group were bred to pursue warm-blooded quarry, including jackrabbits, deer, fish, ducks, and birds.
 Working Group: These breeds were developed to assist humans in some capacity. This ranges from pulling sleds and carts to guarding flocks and homes to protecting their families. Many of these breeds are still used as working dogs today.
 Herding: This group comprises breeds developed for moving livestock, including sheep, cattle, and even reindeer.
 Terrier: The feisty, short-legged breeds in the Terrier Group were first bred to go to ground in pursuit of rodents and other vermin.
 Toy: It may not surprise you to learn that these small dogs were bred to serve as attentive companions and that they’re especially popular with city dwellers.
 Non-Sporting: Breeds in the Non-Sporting Group have job descriptions that defy categorization in the six other groups. They were all developed to interact with people in some capacity.

The pandemic has changed the way much of how people work with a large number of people remaining home and working. The rises of the vaccinations are working well with the hope of returning to an office.
This is all fine and good for the majority of people, but the family pet may not do well with the separation. Animals, dogs in particular, are creatures of habit and adjust accordingly. The master of the pack, the dog owner, around all the time gives the dog a degree of comfort. Rapidly up and leaving can cause a real pet anxiety issue in dogs.

Pre-pandemic, the approximate rate of anxiety in dogs was around 14 percent. As people begin to return to work, it is highly likely that number will rise and with that rise, visits to the vet’s office. The diagnosis will be clear – separation anxiety. The veterinarian will likely prescribe anxiety medications, along with the unfortunate side effects of most medications.

Happy Paws 4 Life believes there is a better solution, and one that does not require a prescription – CBD Oil.
CBD is derived from the hemp plant and it is non intoxicating, compared to THC the active component of marijuana. The efficacy of CBD oil is well documented for pain and anxiety relief in people as well as the family pet.

Happy Paws 4 Life has an all-natural full spectrum hemp extract oil with a powerful prebiotic and super omega oils rich in Omega 3 fatty acids for health. The CBD extract oil helps the family pet stay calm and relaxed during the separation time without any known side effects.

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