How Virtual Cookie Dough Fundraisers For School Teams Can Make a Difference

Posted September 15, 2021 by ficket027

Can a School Sports Team Really Make Money Fundraising With Cookie Dough Online?
The start of a new school year is right around the corner. Sports booster parents and coaches are looking for ways to raise money for kids school team programs. But cookie dough? There is no doubt you can raise a lot of dough selling cookies. However, skip these vital steps and you will sell only a fraction of what you could potentially sell. You want to make the most money possible. So we encourage you to try these proven steps to run a profitable cookie dough fundraising event. - Source

We reached out to Joe Wolpin of Fundraising Zone, (Website) a cookie dough fundraiser company. Joe that has helped thousands of schools and teams raise the money they need selling tubs of gourmet cookie dough.

What is a cookie dough fundraiser?

A bake sale where people buy or make cookies and bring them to sell. On the other hand, a fundraiser with cookie dough means just selling the gourmet dough. This means the customer gets the joy of making the cookies at home in their own kitchen,

Not sure what is the best way to run a cookie dough fundraiser? We have a step-by-step guide with 5 tips on running the perfect bake sale. What are the best benefits of running a cookie dough fundraiser? When you run a successful cookie dough fundraiser you are able to increase your student organization’s funds. This is because you are selling a whole lot of cookies at a cheap price to the students, teachers, and parents. A good amount of the money you make can be used to increase school funding. Plus, you are creating community through this fundraiser.

Step One: Choose a cookie dough flavor

You want to choose one that you think will appeal to the widest possible demographic. Now, check our out a few tastings of the top selling flavors in order to get a feel for how much people love them. Take note of the following characteristics when choosing your flavor:

• Sweetness
• Flavor
• Fats
• Calories
• Reviews
Hint: Most people like chocolate chip cookies!
Step Two is to get the best looking cookie dough you can find. Sure you could start buying pre-made cookie dough.

But no one wants to pay for cookies they didn’t want in the first place. And the children will certainly take a step back in droves if they feel like they are only getting a single variety of cookie dough. Remember, you are already splitting the cost with your school so why not profit in a big way by limiting your customers to a single kind of cookie dough. So you can purchase several different kinds of cookie dough. For instance most people like oatmeal cookies, snickerdoodles, sugar cookies and don’t forget about our favorite chocolate chip cookies!

This could seem like a lot of work. That is why many schools opt to work with a cookie dough fundraising company like Fundraising Zone. They have a simple cookie dough fundraiser for schools with 6 gourmet cookie flavors. The customers get 2 lbs of gourmet cookie dough for only $12 and the school keeps up to 50% profit for each sale.

Step Three: Ask for Volunteers

The first thing you want to do is ask your school’s staff and parents for volunteers. Especially if you want to be selective in who you select. The best ways to find people is through word of mouth. So be sure to mention your event in a newsletter or to the parents and staff. Tip: When dealing with people, a simple introduction like, “My name is so and so and I am looking for volunteers to help with…” will usually do the trick. Tip: Make sure that everyone who signs up for the event is at least 13 years of age and is in good health. That means no one under the age of 13 unless accompanied by a parent. In fact we suggest all minors fundraise with an adult.

To plan an Excellent Cookie Dough Fundraiser You will want to run a tight ship, so stay organized. First, let’s see what we need to plan to have the most successful event.

Step Four: Sell the Dough

If there is any common misconception about how to make money selling cookie dough it’s that you need a huge parking lot. No, you don’t! In fact, having the parking lot is more trouble than it is worth, especially for those of you who are on a tight budget. What you need is a kitchen and a supply cabinet to start making the dough. You will need a space for those little spatulas, a counter space for rolling out the cookie dough, and a storage cabinet or freezer for the purchased cookie dough. The supplies will cost you a little cash at most, depending on the store. However, you will need to buy the dough anyway. You can save on one item while simultaneously spending less money on the other. Set up a preorder list and take photos of what the cookies look like! Remember, the More People You Sell, The More Money You Will Raise! Finally, collect payment upfront for the dough purchased.

• Use zoom and facetime.
• Use social media sites like facebook and instagram.
• Call people on the phone.
• Email.
• Text

Step Five: Deliver the Dough

Arrange a day for the students and their parents to pick up the dough at school. The parents will then deliver the cookie dough to their friends, family and customers. The dough will need to be kept refrigerated. So it might be better to pack it in dry ice or have the customers come to your house to pick it up. This is also an other good reason to work with a professional cookie dough fundraiser company because its packed in dry ice to maintain the freshness,

Step Five: Collect more Dough

Get testimonials and reviews from your customers about how delicious the cookies came out. Have them put their reviews, photos and videos on social media to spread the word about your cookie fundraiser. Remember to keep a list of your customers so you can do this again next year.

Fundraising Zone have been helping schools and teams raise money for over 50 years, Parents love the free product fundraising program because there are no upfront costs and can profit up to 50% on every sale.

To learn more:

Fundraising Zone

337 Merrick Rd five, Lynbrook, NY 11563

(800) 645-6550

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