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The brands acronym is Luv: Life, Understanding, Values. Cru: Creatively, Restoring, Unity.
Born January 15 1983, Jay was born at Northside Hospital in Atlanta Ga to Parents Paula and Tony Smith., The way Javon

Grew up opposed to how his parents grew up, was totally different and that’s what clearly shaped him into the man he is today. Jay’s parent were both from the Projects .,while his mother grew up in a rough Grier Heights Community on the Eastside of Charlotte North Carolina. Jay’s mother then moved to Washington D.C at the tender age of 14 by herself where she completed high school while working full time jobs throughout the late 60’s. Having to provide for herself and showing a different kind of focus forced her to grow up really fast. Ultimately moving to Atlanta with her 2 daughters is where she then Met Tony, Javon’s Dad. Jay’s dad Tony, grew up in the notorious Eagan Homes projects Located on the West Side of Atlanta and from there a Star was born.

Javon aka JV AKA Cru Jay was always a fast learner and trend setter earlier on. He has always had leadership qualities growing up as a kid. This contributed to Javon’s parents raising him to be an independent thinker and always having a mind of his own. His competitive nature put him in situations where he was force to put up or shut up at an early age, see Jay grew up spoiled and rough at the same time. Javon was into Taekwondo and Basketball growing up as a kid and achieved a lot of success earlier on in both sports, while maintaining necessary grades in school. Javon’s dad Tony was an incentive based father that used success in both school and sports as a tool to persuade Javon that being responsible would pay off in the end. Tony would dare Javon to make all A and B’ s in order to get the Go Carts, Jordans and all the fancy stuff Javon wanted growing up. It was like he attached being success with incentives. For instance he would dare Javon to Score 30 points in a basketball game or knock someone out in karate with a particular kick or punch and he would reward Javon with gifts. Javon’s parents would make him go to the rough inner city camps , drop him off at the rough parks in the city to play basketball and force him to survive in some of the dangerous parts of the city. Javon is well rounded and can survive and hang and bang with the best of them based on the skills he learned early on in life. Javon understood success and being good had its benefits.

Wearing a suit and Tie everyday did not fit in the vision of how Jay perceived his working career. He didn’t want to be a traditional guy so, being a firefighter was an extension of who he was the neighborhood guy, former athlete and popular kid that would give you the shirt off his back. The firefighter career fit Jay’s lifestyle perfectly. He joined the City of Atlanta Fire Dept. in 2005 and never looked back. Furthering his career, in 2011 Jay applied for a D.O.D position to become an overseas contractor in Iraq. He has traveled all over the world staying true to his core and passion for public safety and helping people during a time of crisis., This is what Luv4Cru is all about.

Jay has done countless volunteer work in the community, while serving the community he grew up in by working for the city of Atlanta Fire Department for 8 year before moving on to becoming a successful contract fireman oversees. From that, birth the brand Luv4Cru. Jay has always had a passion for fashion and expensive taste. He learned about quality over quantity from his dad, which is an extension of Luv4Cru which led to the decision of starting his own clothing brand in 2019. Luv4Cru started in 2019 and is based in the heart of Atlanta, Jay AKA Cru Jay takes pride in being homegrown born and raised in the city of Atlanta. Luv4Cru Branding and Co. will be an extension of his personal style and taste putting comfort and luxury together making his brand a force to be reckoned with.

Luv4Cru Branding and Co. attention to detail will set him apart from other local or worldwide brands. He plans on coming out the gate swinging and is not shy about his expensive taste and level of sophistication he puts into the brand. Jay believes

“it has to be in you not on you and if it’s both in you and on you that’s when you’ve become a superstar”. The combination of both inner peace and confidence along with the finest taste in good clothing and products is what represents the brand as being well rounded. “Knowing how to survive in the trenches and roughest pockets of the world and also knowing how to conduct your-self in a room full of successful millionaires is the balancing act”. Luv4Cru will always choose quality over quantity and will always deliver respectable apparel to everybody worldwide. That’s what Luv4Cru is all about”. That’s why the hands play a big role in the Brands logo, it’s a self-explanatory way of expressing the love for humanity that the brand has for the culture. Family, dedication, loyalty, community service, inspiration and hard work extending helping hands in today’s society. This is the brands mission. “We all need a lift in life at some point. Clothing and getting Fly makes people look and feel good”.

Cru Jay is ready to uplift the culture in a creative way. The brands acronym is Luv: Life, Understanding, Values. Cru: Creatively, Restoring, Unity. The brand will be serving upscale designer apparel for reasonable prices competing with the established brand right out the gate. Luv4Cru will have something for everybody. From high quality T-shirts to Luxury style Tracksuits and so much more. “We trust the process of what we are trying to create within the culture and we plan on being here to stay”.

On Cru!

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