FIFA 16 remains a modern FIFA title with more of the same

Posted November 30, 2015 by fifa16coins4u

FIFA 16 remains a modern FIFA title with more of the same
Ever since FIFA International Soccer launched back in 1993 fans have regularly heaped praise on EA for the realistic gameplay, belting soundtracks and inventive options like FUT 16 that have set the standard in sports gaming. Equally fans have criticized the developers EA Sports for the lack of depth and seemingly incremental tweaks, while needless changes to things like defending have frustrated even the most carefree players. In a third scenario, if you define a price that is slightly higher than the price you paid plus the 5%, it’ll take ages for you to make some coins. You’ll definitely sell a lot of cards but the profits will be so insignificant that you’ll never dream of having that top team.

Football has become a drama on and off the pitch, and FIFA is one of the most dry experiences out there, removing all the charisma from the off-field action. Wouldn't it be fantastic if EA took a leaf out of Football Manager's book, and pitted you against the press in a conference pre- and post-match? Imagine how interesting this could be, with the budget and graphical grunt EA has for its titles. If players could control more of the club's output (sponsors, fan interaction) then there would be a far great feeling of immersion: you are the manager of this club, and you can stamp your authority on it.

Every scuff, sliding tackle, twist and turn leaves a lasting legacy on the pitch during a match. It makes no difference to the action itself, but as the game progresses, the on-screen effects bear a striking resemblance to the real thing. It helps immerse you in the game world even more. Brand new (and thankfully brief) player animations also appear before you take a free kick or a goal kick, which banishes the ever-annoying online problem of pressing A to skip a cutscene, only to accidentally do a short pass which (in all probability) then went straight to one of your opponent’s players. I did still find that raw speed could break some of the AI from time to time, but the pursuit is just better in these situations. I’ve also seen a lot more fouls committed by the AI this year, so that’s very welcome.
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