The End of Swtor Season 5 Will Come with Ranked PVP Rewards & Game Update 3.3

Posted June 24, 2015 by fifapal

The End of Swtor Season 5 Will Come with Ranked PVP Rewards & Game Update 3.3
The swtor season 5 is closely approaching. During the last short period, seize chance to prove your ability. Learn more about the rules of rewards and hop into hunting with cheap swtor credits. You may reach a hand to the Gladiatorial Nexu Mount at the end of the season, which will come with the game update 3.3!

Rules on the ranked rewards for Swtor Season 5

In early May, Bioware had announced that Gladiatorial Nexu Mount would be rewarded in Swtor Season 5 PvP, and you can click here to visit the original post on Swtor2credits for more details. Now here it is mainly about the rules of Rank. Basically, the rewards will be given based on the top ratings. Your highest-earned rating in the end of this season will determine your tie, and the higher your tier the more glorious your rewards! You can check the Warzone Rating and Stats page in the Warzone Queue GUI to check your highest-earned rating, but the ratings shown now are Current Ratings, the Highest Earned will be revealed once Season 5 has come to an end.

Game update 3.3 will come along with the end of season 5

It is good news that game update 3.3 will also come soon. During the two months before, Swtor2credits has represented many updates for swtor patch 3.3. For clarify, here we will give a brief summary based on important updates in patch 3.3.

1. Warzone Commendation Legacy Lockbox is an important addition to patch 3.3, allowing players to transfer Commentations to characters. Originally, the lockbox has a limitation on 99 comms, sold for 99 comms and grant 99 comms. After alive on PTS and feedback receiving, the Legacy Lockbox has been updated to be larger as100, 500, and 1000 to provide more convenience.

2. Season specific tokens are given in ranked matches to buy aesthetic rewards. The tier of rating and the number of medals you get will decide the amount of tokens that you get. Here you can see more details on PVP Updates & Ranked Changes for swtor patch 3.3.

3. A new Togruta Race is added, who are quiet and peaceful in usual days but fierce in combat. Besides, the new addition of Yavin stronghold is the biggest stronghold among all, providing players more hooks, rooms, decorations, etc. You can see more information about Yavin Stronghold and New Togruta Race here.

4. There are increased healing on the advanced class of Sith Inquisitor-Sorcerer and the advanced class of Jedi Consular-Sage. Click here to learn more and see if there is any change that you love!

More contents could be expected for Swtor patch 3.3, but now your top priority is to try all effort to reach the top ratings and win the season 5 rewards. For another view, it is also a warm-up for the playable patch 3.3. So take action with cheap swtor credits on Swtor2credits. May Force be with you, good luck!
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