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Food and Hospitality Oman completed the Philippine Run, a regional initiative promoting optimal health and wellness covering Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Oman, Thailand, Australia and Singapore.
Food and Hospitality Oman Successfully Mount a Philippine Leg of Health Run in Manila, Cebu, and Davao

Food and Hospitality Oman completed the Philippine Run, a regional initiative promoting optimal health and wellness covering Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Oman, Thailand, Australia and Singapore. The Philippine leg covered key cities, Manila, Cebu, Davao. The Food and Hospitality in cooperation with the Philippine Government Food and Industry cultimate a year-long celebration of Philippine Health Run anniversary. Food and Hospitality takes Health Run Winners to a Caribbean Cruise!

“This is the second year that Food and Hospitality Oman mounted this event and it has just gotten bigger,” said Almeda Santos one of the winners of Health Run in 5k Category. This year’s run covered 3k, 5k, and 8k categories, catering to more than 15 thousands runners of different levels. “Though this year’s event of health runs, we try to encourage more people to put to a premium on their personal wellness. We want more people to see how important an exercise regime can do not only to keep us alert and active in our business, it also promotes healthy lifestyle and improves our lives,” Santos added.

Philippine Health Run kicked off in Manila on June 05, 2017 at Blue Bay in Pasay City. The second run was on July 08, 2017 at Davao City and the final leg was on August 10, 2017 in Metro Cebu.

Food and Hospitality Oman recognizes these types of event that highlights the participation of local communities to extend their awareness about their series of conference, conventions, trainings, competition that improves the food and industry as well as agriculture sector of the world. The Food and Hospitality Oman groups and teams is tough in their conviction that health run will not only improve health of the public but brought voice, and inform the world by means of health awareness that caring sustains by caring. Food and Hospitality recognizes that sustainable events like these attracts public to join in seminars, group fun activities and conference that not only orients with the new techniques to amass production of our food, resources and enrich our knowledge when it comes to production.

Achieving your ideal life can bit challenging, especially if we are unskilled in matters of business operation, food production so a health run will not only knock public awareness, particularly in Philippines. This also opens many serious opportunity for you to discover ideas that can be helpful in your life and business.

Shredding unwanted negative vibes to push us to progress, equipped with trainings, conventions and handbooks the Food and Hospitality Oman distributes flyers that give highlights to the scheduled conference, seminar, competition and the like. They understand that campaign are memorable if it is made fun and enjoyable, hence, each leg featured a post run mini-concert with a top local bands.

“It evolve over all attitude towards the our business, interacting more with others and rekindle our faith in our move towards our goal of success, and for that we had to exercise responsibility and to be more generous to the public. If we educate the public, upgrades our knowledge in producing supplies it is still us that will enjoy the good result of it. We won’t have shortage in our food, our agriculture sector will be in glorious state, and we can reduce malnourishment in the world. Above everything we had to believe in ourselves that we can do it. We had to tell ourselves that we can even mountains. We did it!” These words came from the Food and Hospitality side as opening words in the post mini-concert.

Have you ever invited to a Health Run after your work where winners got a chance to take a Caribbean Cruise in which in cruise there week of be fun activities, trainings and food seminars of unique techniques? Perhaps, not. This is really a new move!

The staged health run not only improve kids health. This brought light to a decision to take a step towards the next level, becoming an advocate of Food and hospitality in all projects it will campaign in the future. The best is yet to come when it comes to this promising company.

Goal-setting is very important step after you realized a dream so without delay and being focus, we surmount any obstacles that appeared our way, never been brought down by discouragement of amass problem we faced today like hunger, sanitation and all. When we feel the weight in our shoulder in making this aim into fruition, we have to bring ourselves to realization that many need us and this noble aim. That also the reason why we still do our duty now, being in this health run because at the end of the day we don’t want to be succumb of whatever dark sides out there. Get up with us, Philippines! Get up World! We need us for the next generation,” this emotional message from Food and Hospitality Oman have touched a numbers of hearts in the mini-concert.

On final words, the emcee of the staged mini-concert announced and congratulate the Health Run winners.

Among the winners are 3k first place, second place and third place: Roselle Sabado, Allan Xiu, and Felix Sandoval. Health run 5k winners announced from first to third consequently are: George Wood, Ranisah Khan, Eden Mendiola. And for the 8k category starting from first place: Roseen Miller, Sandy Co, Ronald Kang. These winners are from the shortest time they finished among the three key cities mentioned: Cebu, Davao and Manila. Announces of over-all winners in Health run was done after the last health run in Cebu City. Winners are all entitled with the Caribbean Cruise, with training and seminar about food and agriculture. They also given certificate amount they can help to start their own business. The atmosphere was field of joyous ambiance and all are enjoying even they are tired from the run. The event adjourned late night in San Fernando, Cebu. Again, Food and Hospitality Oman congratulates the health run winners from different nationality of participant runners.

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