Steps to Get Good Quality Backlinks in 2022

Posted October 18, 2021 by foreignerds

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In this article, I will tell you the easiest ways to get high quality backlinks in 2022.

I think that link building is a crucial part of SEO. In fact, according to Grepwords, about 40% of Google searches have some kind of local intent. Therefore, if your site isn't optimized for local search, then you're losing a lot of traffic and possibly revenue too!

Backlinks are still one the most important ranking factors when it comes to organic search rankings. In fact, 25 percent of Google's 200 ranking factors involve backlinks . According to Volume Metrics , the websites with the best content usually have at least 4-5% keyword density in their web copy… but, backlinks are also one of the factors Google uses to determine whether or not your site is trusted. If you need the support with the best Digital Marketing Company in USA, you can contact us at Foreignerds.

Speaking of Google, they're constantly changing their algorithm, which means that link building strategies that worked last year might not work this year. This article will teach you my "insider" techniques for getting high quality backlinks in 2022. If you follow these 4 steps , you'll be able to get results with minimal effort!

1 . Use Quora To Generate Links

Quora is a website where people post questions and other people answer them. And, if someone gives an insightful answer, then they can upvote it so everyone else can see it too. This makes Quora pretty much the best place on the internet for organic traffic. At Foreignerds, we are one of the leading Digital Marketing Company in USA to help increase your backlinks.

So, what can you do to generate backlinks on Quora? Well, the simplest thing is to answer questions about your industry. For example, if you were in the business of selling shoes , then it wouldn't be hard to find popular questions that needed answering. Then just give people an amazing answer and wait for them to upvote it!

I've used this tactic with great success . Sometimes I start by finding an unanswered question related to my biz or my competitors' businesses. Then I'll go ahead and answer it in a way that makes me stand out from the other contributors; hopefully driving some referral traffic (and maybe even sales). Give it a shot!

2 . Post On Forums And Get Links

Forums are some of the oldest websites on the internet. Many popular forums get over 30 million unique visitors per month , which means that your content can stay relevant for years to come if you post it there (and get a link).

There are many different types of forums, but my favorite is definitely an SEO forum like Warrior Forum . Here's why: First, most people who use forums tend to be rather "trusting" by nature. This is probably because they're paranoid about becoming victims of spam and phishing scams. So, even though you might not have a well-established site, these people will often trust you based on your participation in the community – especially if you take time to answer questions. You can contact the Best Digital Marketing Company in USA in order to create high quality backlinks.

Second, people will often use Google to search for the answers to their questions. This means that they'll see your forum post if they type in certain keywords related to your business (and it's free advertising). After I've received a few links from Warrior Forum , I usually spend around 30 minutes finding another topically relevant forum and posting there as well (with links back to my site). That way, I'm able to get multiple links with minimal effort.

3 . Post On Blog Comments For Backlinks And Traffic

It doesn't take much work at all to leave blog comments on other people's sites! All you have to do is check out popular blogs in your niche and leave insightful or helpful comments (with links back to your site). Basically, you're giving something (an informative comment) in order to get something (a link back to your website).

The best part is that it doesn't take much time! And sometimes people will check out your blog too. Here's a screenshot from my analytics showing all the referral traffic I've received from blog commenting:

Like I said before, you only have to spend about 30 minutes a day leaving blog comments and then POOF – instant free organic traffic for years! By the way, did I mention that Google has stated that they favor websites with lots of other websites linking to them ? Well, this is just another reason why blog commenting so well.

Also, if you are looking for the best SEO company in USA, you can get in touch with us.

4 . Be Active In Your Niche Online

The best backlinks are "earned" … not bought! I know it's tempting to pay for links because they're fast and easy. And, if you can afford it then by all means go for it! But just remember that Google has gotten much smarter over the years. They know when people are buying links so your site will probably get penalized eventually (if you do this enough). So, ultimately earned links might be more valuable long-term than spammy blackhat tactics like buying links or paying for guest posts. Since Google is getting better at catching spammy links every day , users often look to see which sites in their niche are active online before visiting them. I've personally seen this work with my own affiliate sites. For example, if another site in my niche starts posting random articles on Quora, I'll view that site's content more favorably since it's showing activity in my industry.

So get active! Engage with the community by leaving blog comments , writing forum posts , and participating on social media . Don't just post links to your products or website either. Post content that users will find valuable enough to upvote or retweet ...and then be sure to have a few links back to your main site scattered throughout. You can also outsource your work with the right SEO company in USA.

5 . Answer Questions On Quora Using Your Targeted Keywords

Many people don't know about this one yet, but it can really drive traffic to your site. Quora has become a popular Q&A site where people ask questions about anything and everything. Then, other users answer the questions by submitting blog posts or forum posts .

Since Google values sites that have lots of great content , adding great content to Quora is an extremely good idea...sure beats spamming! The best part is that you can optimize all of your answers on Quora for certain keywords (like I showed in example #1). This means that they'll show up in Google search results whenever someone searches for one of those keywords. Moreover, you can find the top SEO company in USA and create the backlinks to increase your DA.

6 . Post Videos To YouTube And Embed Them On Your Site

YouTube is owned by Google, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that many people have found great success by uploading videos and embedding them on their sites . Remember that video searches are exploding in popularity over the past few years, so it's a good idea to have at least a few videos online with embedded links back to your site.

I've seen this work well with my own YouTube channel , which ranks #1 for "how to make money blogging." Of course, I'm using the same strategies you saw me mention above (optimized titles, descriptions, tags). You can also optimize for different keywords in your video description or annotations throughout the video. So don't forget to experiment!

7 . Guest Posting For Links & Exposure (And Traffic)

Guest posting is another time-tested SEO strategy that can really work well if you do it right. Many people think that guest posting is done by the site owner, but this isn't always true...

The bottom line is that guest posting can be powerful if done the right way. Think about it. If you've got a niche blog (like the one I mentioned above) then some good quality links pointing back to your site can help improve its search rankings . Plus, getting exposure for yourself or your business on another high-traffic website is pretty cool too!

As Foreignerds, we are the best SEO company in USA, and we can provide you the best service according to your need and requirement.
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