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It is understandable for a student to become distracted when studying. A few tips that can help you avoid unnecessary distractions are given below.
It is understandable for a student to become distracted when studying. Being aware of the cause of such distractions, on the other hand, may help you avoid them, allowing you to focus better on your studies. The human mind is designed in such a way that it is natural for it to be interested in and attentive to its environment. This trait of the mind makes it inquisitive, and it is this trait that helps it acquire various sorts of knowledge. A few tips that can help you avoid unnecessary distractions are given below.

Tips To Avoid Distractions While Studying

Stay motivated: Do not regard the IAS exam as a major undertaking; rather, view it as an opportunity to test your knowledge. Enjoy your studying time and don't be afraid of the exam. No exam is held to intimidate you; rather, it is held so that you can attain your goals. Make a goal for yourself, even if it seems impossible. If you push yourself harder, you can be pleasantly surprised with yourself! Even the tiniest accomplishment should be rewarded with a gift. If you study well, feel prepared, and perform well on an exam, reward yourself.

Find a suitable place to study: Studying for the UPSC exam can be challenging and stressful, and you may find that your mind wanders frequently when you sit down to study. Find a peaceful study spot that is already free of distractions so you don't have any extra effort to complete. You should look for a peaceful, bright location with a large, comfy chair and no technological devices or gadgets within reach.

Find a study group: Choose a study group that includes people who are rational and focused on the same goal as you. You don't have to choose your best friend all of the time for this purpose, as conversing when you should be studying can interfere with your concentration. Having a study companion is a fantastic idea since you can share ideas and see things from a new perspective. Always choose someone who you believe is smarter than you. If you truly want to learn, find a study companion who is devoted and intelligent, and who is willing to educate you. Your study sessions will be more fruitful as a result.

Keep snacks handy: When we should be studying, we typically rush around looking for something to eat. Because this takes up a lot of our time, it's a good idea to keep snacks on hand at all times. You should also stay away from coffee and other caffeinated beverages because you will crash sooner or later. To keep your energy levels up, carry fruits, energy snacks, juice/water, and so on.

Take short breaks: A human mind can only concentrate for 45 minutes at a time. After processing a large amount of data, your brain needs rest. Take a ten-to-twenty-minute break and do something different. After a brief rest of no more than twenty minutes, return to your studies. You can also use alarms to organise your breaks.

Don’t go off-topic: From time to time, we all find ourselves straying from the topic. It's sometimes because the information we're required to acquire is dull, and other times because the stuff we don't need to know is thrilling. Whatever it is, wait till after you've thoroughly mastered the subject to delve deeper and study various areas. Always think to yourself, "How probable is this knowledge to appear in the exam?" If you're particularly concentrated, you can rank the information from most likely to least probable, devoting the majority of your attention to the most likely content and the rest to the least likely.

Don’t get anxious: You can feel anxious when you see the stack of books and the amount of knowledge that needs to be gathered. When you're nervous, you're more likely to make mistakes, so be cool during your preparation. You will not need to panic on the D-Day if you have properly organised your study and revision. Take a deep breath and tell yourself, "I can do this." This will help you relax.

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