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Writing is an instrumental skill in Civil Services Examination, without a strong ability to frame your points your answer holds half the meaning. Undoubtedly, clarity is as important as having those reasonable points in mind.
Writing is one of the most expressive forms of putting your thoughts in a very elaborate and arranged manner. To most people, writing may come as a cumbersome task and may loom large before them as an insurmountable challenge, especially in exams like the Civil Services exams where it is important to deliver an exceptionally lucid writing ability so that it makes a difference in the competition

To learn the art of writing is to first begin following simple steps and then practicing it thoroughly over a period of time so that not only you learn this art but also understand the skill to evaluate and acquire the art of impromptu writing. Understanding how the graduation has to be put while learning and practicing, we, at Forum IAS - maintained and directed under the Flaviant Network Private Limited share the basics of writing and illustrate the significance that it holds in the esteemed Civil Service Examination to ensure that you behold exemplary confidence while writing your answers or while crafting your essays.

Mr. Ayush Sinha, Founder of Forum IAS, Director of Flaviant network has set a visionary approach to help the zealous aspirants in accomplishing their dream and catalyze their ambition of becoming a part of the nation’s administrative body.

Writing in Civil Service Examinations

Writing is an instrumental skill in Civil Services Examination, without a strong ability to frame your points your answer holds half the meaning. Undoubtedly, clarity is as important as having those reasonable points in mind.

Though there can be a multitude of steps or basic procedures which you may follow to write your answer on the paper, we, at Forum IAS exemplify the process of learning this art of writing for you by sharing with you the following basic steps that you may adopt while you practice daily.

1) Try to interpret the questions and create a list or bunch of points that answer the questions rationally. Besides this, understand how much the question is asking you. When these two points are clear you will eventually not get stuck while writing. This will help you bring words and points as much as required.

2) Following this, you will have to arrange those points in your mind such that there is an introduction to the answers, there are points that form the body or the key paragraphs to your answer followed by a conclusion.

3) The introduction has to be precise, crisp and clearly stating what the answer/essay is going to talk about. The line of the introduction should be strong and simple that delivers what idea will be talked about in the following essay or answer.

4) The paragraphs of your answer should be in a gradient way. This implies that the paragraphs or key points should be written in an order that is well-connected and the reader is able to understand in a proper way.

5) While concluding your answer, there will be a lot of points to summarize. To begin summarizing your answers, you first need to get an overview of what your points are and what essence they are delivering or expressing. The very paramount point you have to look into is that your conclusion should be very well-balanced. Do not incline your answer to a point that seems like a debate or a biased opinion. You are supposed to be very neutral and balanced while you write your answers.

6) Another key takeaway is that it improves your vocabulary. Learn as many words as you can in a day. Newer words will help you strengthen your essay or the answer. The use of words is highly recommended for the students. Depending upon whether you have to emphasize an answer or highlight a point or even strongly suggest a recommendation, the vocabulary will help you add the key essence.

All these key points shall help you to build the fundamental skill of writing and once the daily practice sharpens the ability, the confidence will eventually boost up. At Forum IAS, to the best of our commitment and ensure that the young aspirants are clear in their ability to write as clear they are about their dreams. We fuel your dreams with skills, learning experiences, and profound knowledge so that wherever you take the lead, you take it with pride.
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