Wrong Contact Lens Size is a Big No-No

Posted October 25, 2019 by FreshTone

An online store that sells contact lenses of base curve 8.6 when your optometrist prescribes you 8.4 for it can be a charge for illegality.
An online store that sells contact lenses of base curve 8.6 when your optometrist prescribes you 8.4 for it can be a charge for illegality. That is if you are an American citizen. The site should at least ask you for your base curve measurement, doing so you won't get the wrong size for your contact lens and no, you should not use a wrong size of the base curve for a contact lens so better see your optometrist for your size first before you proceed with transaction on site.

Our eyes differ from one another, especially when it comes to the shapes of our cornea. You may be better with wearing 8.6 BC even if your prescription is 8.4, but not all cases are alike. If your prescription of the base curve is 8.6 the optometrist needs to evaluate first if 8.6 BC perfectly fit you or 8.4 BC is much suited to your contact size. And even if you wear your contact for just one night, when your corneal shape is unfit for the base curve of your contact lens you get it can potentially cause abrasion or other complication. So, other than doing precaution measure by reading the information available on the web, consult with an eye care professional if you are better with the size for base curve since they are the one who can evaluate accurately what contact lens should be for your eyes as well as for brand. Some 8.6 BC would just fit as 8.4 to brand B's and the case like that. If you get fitted of 8.4 for brand A, the only way to be sure is brand B fit you is to get fit specifically by brand. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to only buy the brand on your prescription.

While you can always get any brands on your eye care professionals, eye clinic or online it is at your best you buy them online if you want to buy it at the lower price since online store offers sales and discount. The web has free access to information to provide you for your need to bench out for the prices of your prescribed brand and size. This way you can save a lot of money not only for a fare in going personally to an eye care center but also gives you leeway to shop at your convenient time at the comfort of your home.

Additional Precaution

Risk of wearing contact lens should never be taken for granted or in any way can be neglected.
1. Do not sleep in a contact lens.
2. Never wear the same pair for a long span of time. Such is rated as highly risky.
3. Remember you are still wearing plastic and all these can irritate your eyes, deteriorate vision or worse get you blind if you get infected.
4. Clean them properly. If it is your first-time to wear it, ask eye care professional to teach you on how to wear them. They will be happy to assist you and answers your queries.

Since our eyes are super sensitive part over all other parts of our body since it is our windows to the world, protect and take good care of any product you use for your eyes. If you stick to what is prescribed for you and do the necessary precaution then nothing to worry about. Colored contact lenses are safe.

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