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Hostels can boost their business performance by integrating hostel management systems that can automate administrative tasks, freeing up the manager to ensure the optimal customer experience.
Managing a hostel is vastly different from a hotel business as they often have very limited resources, staff, and finances. Hostels need to implement innovative ideas to boost their business and keep their listings visible to potential customers. One way hostel managers can utilize their resources optimally is through a Hostel Management System.

What is a Hostel Management System?

Popularly known as a Property Management System (PMS), it is a web-based software that makes the administrative duties of hospitality businesses more streamlined and increases the efficiency of operations. Hostel managers usually work with a small crew and need to take care of various things around the property and in terms of logistics. Having an integrated PMS can automate a lot of managerial tasks, including front desk duties which frees up the managers to stay involved in growing their business. PMS can organize, schedule bookings, perform daily functions including business transactions and oversee various aspects of the business.

What are the functions of PMS?

Hostel Management systems have various functions and can be customized to suit the specific needs of the business. Some of those functions include:
----Channel manager
----Direct booking engine
----Housekeeping management
----Inventory management
----Accounting system
----Dynamic pricing
----Google Ads
----Unit Owner Reconciliation

What automation can PMS provide?

The main advantage of using PMS for hostels is the level of automation they bring into the operations of the business. This can change the way business functions are managed day-to-day and have a great influence on increasing the profit margin and expanding the reach of the hostel. Some areas of automation include:
----Check-ins & Check-outs
----Revenue management
----Housekeeping details
----Email confirmations
----Channel connections
----Rate management

How does PMS work?

The Property Management Software offers a cloud-based platform that serves as the centralized administration system. It can be accessed from any remote location, which enables managers to keep track of their business even when not physically present on the premises. Some of the best hostel management software offers a free demo to try out before making a commitment, which is great for hostels with a limited budget. Hostels can see the results they get from simply using the demo and make a decision accordingly. In most cases, once hostels get the hang of the PMS they seldom wanna switch back to their old ways of conducting business.

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