Is it safe to renovate a freezer in a warehouse to solve the problem of power consumption?

Posted May 18, 2022 by fullfridge

Is it safe to renovate a freezer in a warehouse to solve the problem of power consumption?
Is it safe to rebuild a freezer in a garage (warehouse)? What to watch out for? Because the freezer is a project and the investment cost is relatively high, there are many customers who want to build a freezer. To save costs, they have ready-made garages (warehouses) to rebuild refrigerators. Garages (warehouses) can indeed be converted into freezers. As long as it is not dangerous or illegal, garages (warehouses) can be converted into freezers (including fresh-keeping freezers, etc.).

Secondly, in the process of transforming the warehouse into a freezer, due to the difference between the functional design and building structure of the garage warehouse and the requirements of the freezer construction specification, there are design defects and potential safety hazards. Compared with freezers, there are many defects such as narrow loading and unloading platforms, unsealed warehouse doors, and manual loading and unloading. Unsafe incidents can occur if the warehouse is not rectified first. The refrigerator is used to store items and can be used for 20-30 years. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the refrigerator, so it is necessary to consider safety, environmental protection, air tightness, cooling capacity, and energy saving, all of which require professional skills. Several reasons for refrigerator power consumption: 1. Improper design of freezer, insufficient insulation thickness or unreasonable equipment configuration. The second is that the defrosting of the evaporator is not timely, and the frost layer is too thick.

Third, the refrigerator door is not closed properly, or the door is open for too long during the storage operation. refrigerator. Fourth, when the refrigerator is installed, the warehouse insulation is not well done, or it is damaged during use, and the warehouse leaks. Fifth, the refrigeration system is faulty, or there are problems such as wear, refrigerant leakage, and poor working conditions. There are several ways to solve the problem of refrigerator power consumption: 1. If the refrigerator consumes power due to improper installation design, you can save energy on the refrigerator, and improve the refrigeration system, thermal insulation structure or equipment configuration to improve the working efficiency of the refrigerator and reduce the cooling capacity. loss, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing operating power consumption.

2. If the high power consumption of the refrigerator is caused by the untimely defrosting, the administrator should re-adjust the parameters such as the defrosting interval of the refrigerator according to the refrigeration situation of the warehouse. 3. If the electricity consumption of the refrigerator is caused by the operation, the enterprise should optimize the warehouse operation and daily management. The administrator can reduce the opening time of the refrigerator door, organize the items after storage, purchase items when the temperature is low, and start avoiding them. Peak electricity consumption (in some areas, electricity costs are higher during peak electricity consumption) to reduce the electricity cost of refrigerator operation. 4. If the high power consumption of the freezer is caused by the damage of the freezer, it should be solved by the maintenance of the freezer. The maintenance of freezers has high technical requirements. To avoid causing more problems, businesses should contact a professional to inspect and repair the freezer.
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