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wholesale pvc tent material, one of the three-piece camping sets, is also the most basic guarantee for us to spend the night in the wild, but its role in the camping process is relatively limited.
wholesale pvc tent material ( https://www.gaiatarpaulin.com/product/pvc-tent-fabric/ ), one of the three-piece camping sets, is also the most basic guarantee for us to spend the night in the wild, but its role in the camping process is relatively limited. Generally speaking, tents do not provide warmth, and camping warmth is The main function of the tent is to prevent wind, rain and snow, dust, insects, moisture and ventilation, and provide a relatively comfortable rest environment for campers. According to the above goals, the editor will briefly introduce the basic knowledge of tents, and provide some factors that should be considered when choosing tents.

Generally speaking, tents are divided into automatic tents and hand-built tents. If you are a backpacker, it is more convenient to use traditional hand-built tents, which are light in weight, easy to carry and build, and can be put into the backpack directly after disassembly; automatic tents are generally It is used more for park outings and self-driving tours. Self-driving people can choose a quick-opening automatic tent, which is quick and convenient to set up and store, but it is heavy so it is more suitable for storage in the trunk.

Due to the light weight of the hand tent, it is more convenient to carry and can be used in various scenarios. So today we mainly talk about the hand tent.

"Types of tents"

From the structure of tents, it can be roughly divided into four types: 1. Geodesic tents; 2. Dome tents (DOME); 3. Tunnel tents (TUNNEL); 4. Ultralight tents. The dome tent is generally called a self-supporting tent, and it is also the most common one. The most basic structure is a crisscross tent. This tent is simple to build and has a good space. It is an ideal choice for junior mountain friends. The performance of wind resistance and snow pressure resistance is very outstanding, so this type of tent is also the most widely used. The more famous dome tents, such as Mu Gaodi's Lengshan series, including the foreign famous MSR's Huba, also use domes. the design of.

According to the characteristics of the seasons, it can be divided into: 1. Four-season tents (alpine tents); 2. Three-season tents. The main functions of the four-season tents are reflected in the wind resistance and snow pressure resistance. Therefore, materials with greater strength will be selected for the materials of the tent poles and the outer tents to ensure their functionality. Therefore, this type of tent also has the disadvantage of weight. It will be relatively heavy, such as Mu Gao Di's Lengshan Four Seasons tent, which weighs about 2.5kg. Another function is to keep warm. Generally, the inner tent of the four-season tent is made of half-gauze mesh, and now the fabric of some thermal inner tents is scraped with a layer of resin pulp, which is both warm and breathable.

The three-season tent is designed for spring, summer and autumn. It is the dominant product in the global tent market. Because the three-season tent occupies the main camping season for ordinary consumers, it is also one of the reasons why major brands have the most abundant product lines. The general waterproof index of the outer tent of the three-season tent is between 1500mm and 3000mm. This kind of fabric is more than enough for general precipitation, and even better can prevent rainstorms. In the current European and American markets, in order to save costs as much as possible, more and more three-quarter accounts are now designed as an internal account full-network structure. The outer tent does not even have vents, but uses the outer tent to be fully isolated from the inner tent to increase ventilation.

The outer tent is generally made of light and thin polyester and nylon fabrics, so that it is light to carry and can improve the density of the fabric in the warp and weft direction. The current tents use 210T to 300T (warp and weft density). Relatively improved, but too high density, the wire also requires thin, so the strength will be reduced. Another indicator is denier D, which indicates the weight of the inner thread per unit length. We often see that the tent outer account is made of 20D silicon-coated nylon fabric. The 20D here is an indicator used to investigate the lightweight of the outer account. The smaller the value, the weight. The lighter it is, the price is increased cost and reduced wear resistance. Generally speaking, 20D nylon fabrics will be coated with silicon on one side, and the better ones are coated with silicon on both sides, and their waterproof performance is very good.

However, the outer tents of most tents I have used will be soaked in the rain for a long time. At this time, the design of the double-layer tent reflects its advantages. The water resistance is poor, and the water droplets on the inside of the outer tent will even drip directly onto the inner tent during heavy rain). According to these characteristics, it is recommended not to choose single-layer tents for camping tents. Single-layer tents are only suitable for games in the park.

Common pvc fabric for ventilation factory ( https://www.gaiatarpaulin.com/product/pvc-ventilation-duct-fabric/ ) tents have 3 support methods:

1. The inner support is covered with the outer cover, that is, the inner tent is supported by the bracket, and then the waterproof outer tent is put on, and then fixed. This support method is more convenient, and most tents use the support method of inner support and outer cover.

2. External support and internal hanging, that is, first support the outer account, and then hang the inner account on the outer account. This support method is more conducive to rain protection, because the inner tent and the outer tent are always kept at a certain distance, but it will take some time to support it for the first time. E225 uses this support method;

3. It is supported by a single frame, and then fixed by the ground roof and the rope. This tent support environment has limitations. It must be an environment where nails or ropes can be tied. On concrete floors and hard rock floors, the tent cannot stand automatically. Single pole tents and ridge tents use this method of support.
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