Alzheimer’s Disease: Impact of Allosteric Drugs on Cancer

Posted April 26, 2022 by gaintherapeutics

Gain Therapeutics, the most trusted institution is unlocking new treatment option that will help treating multiple diseases or disorders.
Alzheimer’s Disease is a brain disorder that not only destroys humans’ memory, but also its thinking skills which makes it difficult for a patient to carry out even the simplest tasks. People in their mid-60s shows late onset symptoms whereas early onset symptoms occur between 30s-60s. According to the study, more than 6million of people in the USA are suffering from the disease. Currently, it is ranked as the top six diseases that causes death to the patient. Though there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease, department of Food and drug administration have approved several medicines to treat the patient suffering from the Alzheimer disease.

There has been a successful progress in testing new treatments. Gain Therapeutics offers various programs that can help you in addressing Alzheimer. This organization is working tirelessly in developing compounds to decrease the amount of toxic α-synuclein in a cellular model of Alzheimer’s disease.

In healthy aging, our brain starts shrinking to some degree, but it does not lose neurons. In Alzheimer, neurons stop functioning and lose its connections with other neurons. The most common and early symptom of the Alzheimer's disease is the person suffering from it finds it difficult to remember new information or data. Disorientation, change in mood and behaviour, experiencing confusion about time, place, and dates.

The role of plaques and tangles in causing Alzheimer’s disease:

There are two abnormal structures called plaques and tangles in the brain that are responsible for damaging nerve cells and causing Alzheimer’s disease. Where plaques are the coating of protein fragment called beta-amyloid creates spaces between nerve cells, Tangles are abnormal accumulations of a protein called tau builds up inside cells. These twisted tangles block the communication system between neurons. In Alzheimer, when neurons are injured or die, connections between neurons may break down, due to which brain begins to shrink. As the disease progresses, this process called brain atrophy increases, causing significant loss to the brain volume.

Gain Therapeutics is the most trusted and reliable institution where health workers are unlocking new treatment options for difficult-to-treat disorders characterized by protein misfolding, including lysosomal storage disorders. For more information about the company, visit

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Gain Therapeutics, Inc. being the most reputed biotechnology company is engaged in transforming the drug discovery paradigm with structurally targeted allosteric regulators identified with its proprietary computational discovery platform. With the active support of founders and institutional investors such as TiVenture, 3B Future Health Fund and VitaTech, the institute was successfully established in 2017.
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