How to create an IPTV channel

Posted December 31, 2022 by gfellder99

TikiLIVE's high-definition video can be used to demonstrate your product to increase sales and encourage consumers to buy your product.
TikiLIVE's high-definition video can be used to demonstrate your product to increase sales and encourage consumers to buy your product. You can broadcast live events and pre-recorded content to your own online TV channel. This can be linked from your website, or via your social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook. IPTV is a better option if you are looking to make this even more profitable or to monetize your content.
IPTV (or Internet Protocol Television) is the future wave. It allows you to stream high-definition video onto your TV set via a set topbox, rather than using phone wire, cable, satellite, or satellite. Your content will be streamed via IPTV over high-speed broadband internet to reach new audiences that many internet businesses have missed. People can reach you on their mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

What do I need to tap into this new market?

TikiLIVE's IPTV channel creation process is the same as for regular online TV channels. You register, create a channel and broadcast your event live or prerecorded. Then you manage your channel using ongoing broadcasts and all the tools offered by TikiLIVE. IPTV is very similar to regular TV, with the exception of a few details that affect how your viewers will see your messages.

IPTV's biggest advantage is the fact that it is delivered via a set-top box. TikiLIVE allows you to broadcast with all the major players on the market. Roku, the most popular set-top box player, allows you to broadcast HD content alongside YouTube, Hulu and Netflix right from your Roku box. You can stream content from a mobile device to your customer's TV set with Chromecast and Apple TV, two other popular brands.
TikiLIVE also offers a White Label Set Top Box option. This hardware allows you to deliver your content directly to your customers using a set-top box you customize with your label. You can make your content synonymous with the label that is placed on the set-top box that contains your content, rather than the Roku and Chromecast logos.

How do I get started?

Contact us first to confirm that your area is eligible for international stations. Once you have confirmed that your channel can be broadcast, we will help you offer premium content through our International IPTV Solution. You can also monetize an entire IPTV platform through your customers. You are now ready to start getting your content out there. To know more details visit

You can stream live to your video channel using your high definition video channel. This allows you to virtually broadcast any content from your event so your viewers can watch it on their couches. Live streaming is possible for meetings, conferences, product demonstrations, and other live content like sporting events or dramatic presentations.
Archive Video on Demand Content: By recording your presentation, product demonstrations, or live events, you can make them instantly available for your audience to rewatch whenever they want. You can access the content immediately from any time zone around the globe, 24 hours a days; 7 days a semaine.
Your Content can make money - Monetizing your content will allow people to pay for the knowledge and information you provide, rather than giving it away for free. If you're an expert in your field, you can help others by sharing what you know. This can be done via live pay per views or video on demand.
Pay per view Live - Many companies prefer to have training sessions available for a fee, rather than having employees travel. Consider all the college and online courses. Now think about how much more effective this training would be if high-definition video training was included in the course. To monetize your content, you can use TikiLIVE's Pay Per View services if your channel is used to train others.
Video on Demand – Just like live training sessions, pre-recorded video tutorials can be just as useful. Students have more options to view the video whenever they feel it is suitable. This will allow you to increase your revenue streams and make it easier for your students. Both of you win!
TikiLIVE takes care of the broadcasting. TikiLIVE has the infrastructure to ensure that your content is always available to your audience. This includes no interruptions, slow buffering or unwanted advertising. Our proprietary Monster Encoder technology ensures that any format that you may have used is converted correctly to the right format for live streaming or video on demand to the device your audience wants (even the more popular tablets and mobile phones).
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