Stone Industrial Introduces One-Stop Solution to Produce High-Quality Bronze and Brass Products

Posted January 26, 2022 by ggmedia

The company offers a one-stop solution to produce high-quality bronze and brass products by sand casting method. Stone Industrial has 20 years of experience in metal casting.
Bronze and brass have been used for thousands of years in many industrial sectors. They are commonly used in the construction of musical instruments, medals, coins, jewelry, ornate furniture, electricity, and sculpture. Moreover, it is also used in industrial applications such as gears, bearings, and bushings. Bronze resists corrosion and metal fatigue and has high thermal and electrical conductivity. At the same time, brass is a strong and durable metal. Like bronze, solid brass fixtures resist rust and corrosion. Fixtures made of brass won’t need replacement due to rust or corrosion. It is the best material for plumbing fixtures.

Stone Industrial, a prominent Bronze Casting company, introduces its effective solution to produce bronze and brass products with sand casting services. Sand casting has been recognized as the oldest method for making bronze hardware. It takes molten brass poured into a sand mold to make particular shapes. Sand casting is often used as the most economical conventional metal casting method and small casting. Sand casting uses green sand and dry sand for mold making. Green sand consists of moisture, silica sand, clay, and other additives. In addition, dry sand is a mixture of sand and fast-drying adhesive.

A Stone Industrial company representative explained, “We have extensive experience in producing metal hardware made of bronze and brass. We have been making customized metal parts for 20 years. And we are extending our expertise into other capabilities and services such as Die casting, Die forging, Investment casting, Sand casting, and CNC machining. We are a leader in this industry and have become a strategic partner for premium international brands.”

Both bronze and Brass Casting requires sand mold and molten brass or bronze to replicate the master object or pattern. The sand molds are made according to the pattern/desired shape before the molten metal pouring process. Bronze or brass material is melted to a specific temperature in the furnace. After the molten metal is ready, it is then ladled and poured into the sand mold cavity and shaped into the desired pattern. The sand molds separate along the parting line, and the compacted casting can be removed. Sand casting services produce a wide variety of metal hardware, including household appliances and plumbing fixtures.

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