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Both men and women have loved to adorn themselves with beautiful jewels throughout history.
Gemstone jewelry is jewelry made of rock, mineral, or fossil material that has been cut and polished to give it an attractive appearance.

The gem’s beauty sets it apart from other stones and makes it desirable for jewelry lovers.
Stone is usually pulled from the ground, then cut and polished to prepare it for sale. Some gems are treated to enhance their beauty. Get premium designer jewelry from the best jewelry store in Bellevue today.

Traditionally, precious stones are called precious stones and semi-precious stones. There are only five gems - diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, and amethyst- usually the most valuable. The first four are still more expensive, but large amethyst mines have been discovered in South America, making this gem much more common than before.
Before being made into jewelry, most gemstones are first cut and polished. Veneers are cut into rocks to reflect light and give stones the shine they are known for. Alternatively, gemstones can be cut into round, smooth cabochons. Opaque gems such as opals are usually cut in cabochons, while transparent gems are typically faceted, although sometimes cut in cabochons. Popular abbreviations also vary by period. Pillow cuts, for example, are an essential choice for Victorian jewelry. Once cut, the stone is polished to prepare for use in jewelry. Get the best gemstonesin Seattle today from us and make yourself more beautiful.
Beautiful gemstones have given rise to the phrase "gem tone" to describe bright, saturated colors. Rocks can add color and sparkle to an otherwise gloomy ensemble, and dazzling gemstone jewelry can be the focal point of any outfit. Gems are available in all types of jewelry, including:
• necklace
• bracelet
• ring
• follower
• earrings
In the past, many people believed that gemstones had certain qualities that were given to the person who wore them. Instead of choosing jewelry based on what best matches their outfit, these people choose based on the mystical power of the gemstone. For example, if you want to attract money for yourself, you can wear emerald green, if you are looking for love, you can choose rose quartz, and if you wish to party all night without getting drunk, you can choose amethyst jewelry.

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