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Among other characteristics living in the 21st century has brought us many improvements in adjusting to life.
Among other characteristics living in the 21st century has brought us many improvements in adjusting to life. These improvements are present when it comes to bird proofing as well. Considering how many options to keep birds away from your area have been developed throughout the years passing by, it has come to a time in which innovative solutions are successfully on the market for buyers. The newest and most successful one is a type of bird repellent gel that has proven to be 100% efficient and unaffected by the gravity of the infestation.

Safe Bird Proofing

Over the years people have come up with a variety of tricks and methods to help them keep birds away. For putting up CDs as a light-reflective way to scare the birds, companies have developed special reflective tapes. From bird spikes to net barriers and installing fake predator birds on roofs, they have all proven a sort of efficiency until these flying creatures got used to them.

Nowadays the main goal is finding a bird proofing solution that is safe for the environment but also for the birds. In the most humane way possible a bird repellent gel has been designed and produced. Its action is based on creating a visual danger such as flames visible to a bird's eye only. This product has passed all the health requirements.

Bird Repellent Gel Efficiency

Bird Free: see the latest efficacy data:

Studies have shown that these gel-based products represent a very creative and effective way to bird-proof your area. While their action is designed for all types of birds, it has been proven that its maximum efficiency applies to larger breeds such as pigeons. While there are some unapproved gels whose repellent activity is based on causing the birds discomfort when walking on them, there are also some products based on creating a visual dangerous image for the bird's eye, causing immediate retreat without any harm. The ones based on the UV light creating a fire-like image are proven to be 100% efficient for any type of bird. Depending on how large is the surface of the infested area for having the maximum efficiency it is recommended to study further into how much repellent product you need.

Basic Information on How Gel Products Work

As previously stated, there are several different bird repellent gel products on the market. Every single one of them is based on different actions of the birds. All the gel based products do not dangerously harm the animals in any way, nor do they trap them. Some are designed to cause slight irritation on their feet in order to deter them. Other cause a visual danger that will determine the birds not to land there anymore.

Using a bird repellent gel is one of the most humane and safe methods for the environment, you, and the birds. All gel based products do not cause harm or death to the animals involved. They all work well on multiple surfaces and weather conditions.

Reasons to Repel Birds

If you are not yet convinced you should take precautionary measures against birds, here is a list of considerable factors that may cause discomfort:

• Birds can be excessively noisy and they can disturb your peace
• Their feces are not only messy but they can only cause serious diseases. These diseases can be transmitted through the air and it is likely to even lead to death for immune-compromised people.
• Their highly acidic dropping can cause a lot of damage to your property. The acidity levels are so high that they can erode through metal and rock materials. A single pigeon poop on the paint of your car can leave a mark on the varnish after only 24 hours if left uncleaned.
• It has been reported that birds carry mites and they can be easily passed to people or pets
• When birds start nesting around your home, they can cause serious damage.
• If you like growing veggies or fruits, you may see the birds start eating from your crops. This happens more often than you may think.
• When it comes to bird proofing birds are smart and if the method applied does not have proven efficiency, they will get used to it and come back to their nests.

Why You Should Choose a Gel Product

While there are several products available people have always requested the most efficient and easy to install method for them to apply. A gel-based product offers more than that. Besides its easy and quick installation process and its proven efficiency, it can be long-lasting without the need for maintenance or replacement. These products designed to be the most looked for in bird proofing techniques have passed all health tests carried on by the specialized departments. It has been concluded that the ingredients used in the manufacturing process are safe for the environment, people, and other living creatures. They do not cause harm to the birds. Their action is based on creating a visual danger feeling as a repellent. Birds may be smart flying creatures but when exposed to a continuous imminent danger they do not tend to return to that specific place.

Bird repellent gel active ingredients are waterproof in order for them to be more lasting when installed outdoors. They are also inflammable so if installed under direct sunlight the product will not burst into flames and cause damage to your property. For both indoor and outdoor locations, these bird proofing are known to be resistant and maintain their efficiency under any weather circumstance.

Customers' reviews on gel-based bird repellent products are over 90% positive. People have shown to be satisfied by the quick installation process, and the effectiveness of the repellent actions. Some have stated that while the intention to install these products has been towards keeping birds away, results have shown them that some other animals like rabbits and squirrels or other small mammals got repelled by the gels as well.
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