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3D Embossed Fabric Wholesalers Introduces The Use Of Ultrasonic Embossing
Fabric embossing is a kind of fabric surface treatment method that is often used in the apparel processing industry.

February 17, 2022

China Pigment Printing Fabric Manufacturers Introduces The Use Characteristics Of Knitted Cotton
China Pigment Printing Fabric Manufacturers introduces the use of knitted cotton:

January 11, 2022

China Washed Cotton Fabric Wholesalers Introduces The Characteristics Of Printed Seersucker
China Washed Cotton Fabric Wholesalers Introduced Printed Seersucker is a fabric with special appearance and style characteristics among cotton fabrics,

January 6, 2022

China Waterproof Fabric Supplier Introduces The Usage Details Of 3d Embossing Process
China Waterproof Fabric Supplier introduces that 3d embossing processing involves the field of textile fabrics, specifically to a 3d embossed Italian velvet fabric,

December 16, 2021

Home Textile Fabrics Wholesaler Introduces The Requirements For The Use Of Yarn-dyed Fabrics
Home Textile Fabrics Wholesaler introduces the characteristics of yarn-dyed fabrics:

December 2, 2021

Home Textile Fabrics Factory Introduces How To Improve Dyeing Strategy
Home Textile Fabrics Factory introduces the dyeing process:

November 18, 2021

Dyeing Fabric Manufacturers Introduces The Yarn Dyeing Process
Dyeing Fabric Manufacturers introduces three methods of conventional yarn dyeing:

November 11, 2021

Dyeing Fabric Wholesalers Introduces The Extraction Knowledge Of Vegetable Dyes
Dyeing Fabric Wholesalers introduced that vegetable dyes refer to pigments extracted from plants in nature as dyes

October 25, 2021

3d Embossed Fabric Supplier Introduces The Characteristics Of Embossed Fabric
There are many places where embossed fabrics are used in various clothing. Embossed fabrics are also used in some cotton clothes.

September 2, 2021

3d Embossed Fabric Supplier Introduces The Maintenance Rules Of Seersucker Fabric
Seersucker refers to a type of cloth with small bumps on the cloth surface. This type of cloth is generally made of cotton as the base material and processed through a series of processes (the cloth puffs and shrinks when it meets alkali).

August 26, 2021

3d Embossed Fabric Supplier Introduces The Rules Of Dyeing Fabric
Folk dyeing workshops are mostly open-air operations. The main equipment includes cooking stoves, large tanks, urn boards, cloth-rolling stones, cloth rolls, cloth racks, twist boards, urn sticks, and watch bowls.

August 9, 2021