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China Non Woven Bags Co., Limited is a professional bags manufacturer from China, our main products including Non Woven Bags, Non Woven Shopping Bags, PP woven bags series,
Non Woven Bag Factory China is a Leading Non Woven Bags manufacturer, Nonwoven Bags Factory, Non-woven Bags Supplier from China, the main products including non woven bags, non woven tote bags, non woven shoulder bags, nonwoven wine bags, non woven foldable bags, laminated non woven bags, ultrasonic non woven bags, non woven drawstring bag, non woven shopping bags, non woven apron, non-woven cooler bags, nonwoven suit cover, non woven garment bag etc. Our products already well received in Europe, America, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and China since 2003.
Non woven polypropylene has been taking over the fabric world. What makes this material so versatile and inexpensive. Is it really eco friendly? It is a recyclable fabric and it is used to make quality, inexpensive shopping bags with logo printing.
What is Non Woven Polypropylene?
So, what exactly is non woven polypropylene? Let's start off by discussing what it means when a fabric woven. Cotton, which is a natural growing fiber is spun together to make very long, fine strands. These strands are placed one over the other just like basket weaving. Hence the term, woven fabric. So when a fabric is labeled as non woven, it simply means that it is not made from strands laced over each other. Instead, non woven material is made from a type of plastic and is pressed very thin into the form of fabric.
Now, what is polypropylene? It is a plastic polymer whose chemical makeup is C3H6. The benefits of this type of plastic is the high melting point, compared to many other plastics. This allows the material be be washable and it allows heat to melt ink and heat transfers to the fabric for logo printing. Polypropylene can also be easily dyed, which is why this material is popular for manufacturing reusable shopping bags.
How Are These Bags Eco Friendly?
These tote bags are friendly for the environment because they are reusable, recyclable, and often made from recycled material. The recycling code for this type of plastic is code 5. Not all recycling centers accept code 5 plastics yet, but when enough people are requesting to recycle non woven polypropylene, the demand will be met. Since the bags are reusable, they are cutting down on the waste of thousands of traditional plastic bags used in grocery stores. Nonwoven polypropylene material is also eco friendly because there is less energy being used to produce these bags than there is while manufacturing cotton.
Why Are These Bags Good for Promotional Products?
Non woven polypropylene bags make great promotional products because the material is easy to dye, which gives companies a lot of color choices. They are also extremely affordable, and easily printed on. People will use these bags, which is another reason they are are good for a promotional product. Rather than using a dispensable item, giving away reusable shopping bags with logo printing will give companies more exposure. Consumers look favorable on companies that are mindful of the environment.
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