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OEM Scuba Fabric suppliers Suede Composite Plush Coat Showcase
OEM Scuba Fabric suppliers ( Suede Composite Plush Coat Showcase

In the cold winter season, the suede composite plush jacket is fashionable, stylish, and very warm. It has always been the favorite of autumn and winter fashionistas, but do you know how the suede composite plush is produced?

Let's take you to understand the composite production process of suede composite plush. The general compounding methods of fabrics are: 1. Oil glue compounding, 2. Flame compounding, 3. Hot sol compounding!

Compounding refers to the production process of laminating two different or the same fabrics together, which can improve other functionalities and added value of fabrics! Common functions are: increase thickness, improve tear

Crack fastness, provide the warmth of the fabric, and the current breathability!

Suede composite plush, a single layer of suede is not enough to keep warm, and the combination with plush can improve the thermal performance of suede. Generally, autumn and winter fabrics need to be compounded!

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of various compounding methods: 1. Oil-glue compounding, the price is relatively cheap, generally between 1 yuan and 2 yuan, and it is also the most common compounding method. Disadvantages: glue needs to be added with solvents such as butanone, which is irritating to a certain extent. odor!

Oil glue compound equipment

Oil glue compound equipment

2. Flame compounding, through the burning of the sponge, has the effect of bonding! It's like a sandwich, with the sponge in the middle, one side sticks the face cloth and the other side sticks the plush! The flame composite feature can effectively maintain or increase the softness of the fabric, and it is not easy to delaminate when washed with water! Disadvantages: Due to environmental protection reasons, the production and output of sponge are limited, and the price is constantly rising. The current processing fee is about 3.8 yuan/meter!

flame compound

Flame compound machine

3. Hot-melt glue composite The silk-like finished product formed by hot-melt glue is melted and sprayed, and then it can be quickly bonded after high temperature pressing.

Thermosol Compounding

Thermosol Compounding Equipment

Generally, suede composite plush is recommended to use flame compounding. 1. It is not easy to remove the garments when washed. 2. Generally, there are often hair ball particles on the back of the plush, because there is a sponge in the middle of the flame compounding.

Partition, no particles can be seen. If it is a combination of oil and glue, the composite product has hair balls, which will form particle protrusions on the suede fabric, which is a defect!

Let's take you to understand the production process of suede composite plush flame composite:

1. Suede, plush to factory

Suede composite plush

Tricot Suede Fabric

Suede composite plush


2. Suede, plush unwinding

Suede composite plush

Suede composite plush

unrolled plush

3. The first compounding, the elasticity of warp knitted suede is small, so the sponge is compounded on the suede first. If the one with high elasticity is burned first, it is easy to cause the width of the door to shrink greatly when the sponge is burned, and when the second compound is combined, it cannot be opened, resulting in the finished door width failing to meet customer requirements.

Suede composite plush

Burn the sponge over the suede back for the first time

4. Burn for the second time, add the suede covered in the first time to the sponge, then pass through the flame machine, burn the sponge again and directly bond with the plush!

Suede composite plush

5. In rolls!

Suede composite plush

6. After rolling inspection, it is the finished product!

This is the process of suede composite plush, flame composite process. Through this introduction, you know that the flame is compounded, and there will be at least traces of sponge in the middle, so if you get a piece of compound fabric

Double Knit Fabric Wholesal ( )ecan judge whether it needs flame compounding or oil-gluing compounding by tearing the top and bottom fabrics to see if there is any trace of the sponge being burned!
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