Keep Your Clothes Virus-Free During COVID-19 Omicron Outbreak

Posted February 28, 2022 by howdycleaners

Keep Your Clothes Virus-Free During COVID-19 Omicron Outbreak
Now again, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is knocking the doors in the form of Omicron and likely has you armed to sanitize every surface that you touch frequently in your home. You may also be sanitizing everything that comes inside, like vegetables, grocery, and the frequently-touch things where viruses are likely to hide like your purse, phone, wallet, and keys.

But have you thought about your clothes? After a visit to the market, it is highly possible that your clothes have been contaminated with coronavirus. One option to get rid of coronavirus is to go to a Best Laundromat in Austin and experience the Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin.

Does Dry Cleaning Kill Virus?

The answer is – Yes!! During the dry cleaning process, high temperature is used in the form of steams and it is stated that the heat used in pressing, stealing, and ironing during the dry cleaning process is truly a pretty reliable procedure to kill viruses.

You generally wash your clothing at home in hot water between 60o to 90°C using regular laundry soap. Laundry experts admit that the type of soap used in cleaning clothes is immaterial. It is the high temperature that kills microbes. After cleaning with hot water, clothing should be well dried in a dryer or on a clothesline. You can clean your clothes with dry clean labels with other clothing but you should be aware that clothes with dry clean labels may get ruined with normal home wash. So, you can send them to the dry cleaners. Being Best Laundromat in Austin, we are eager to provide you high-quality service during this third wave of pandemic.
How Hot will be Enough to Kill Omicron?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that steam or water should be at least 60o to 90°C to kill viruses. Experts also recommend to keep fabric in water at this recommended temperature for twenty minutes.

You may question, is dry cleaning more trustworthy than washing clothes at home? Yes, dry cleaning is a better approach to assure Corona Virus is killed for sure. Washing at homes may be equally reliable but as long as heat is used at required time points in the cleaning process. Viruses do not like heat. Therefore, when hot water is used in washing the clothes, the virus will be destroyed. Plus of dry cleaning is, steam is used in dry cleaning, so, corona virus will die for sure.
Working at Howdy Cleaners during Pandemic

We have been following cleaning guidelines in an effort to retain a clean environment for our employees as well as customers.

During attending hours, our team of professionals is required to disinfect and clean our Laundromats on an hourly basis using hospital-grade products. Our employees attend to common use areas, such as door pulls and knobs, folding tables, change machines, detergent machines, washer door handles, dryer door handles, bathrooms, and machine keypads. All our Laundromats are equipped with hand sanitizing stations. We regularly clean and disinfect general common areas.

So, you can stop your search for how to make your clothing virus free and choose the Best Laundromat in Austin and get the Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin. We happily welcome you!!
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