American TV series "Baby Romance": Human emotions in the eyes of physical dolls

Posted August 13, 2021 by inannabelle

American TV series "Baby Romance": Human emotions in the eyes of physical dolls
Real sex doll has appeared in TV shows and movies in the past. Sometimes these depictions are creative, sensitive, and even a little interesting. "Inflatable Doll Love" starring Ryan Gosling is an example.

Now, someone has decided to center the entire sitcom around a physical doll. The show is "Baby Romance", starring Anna Kendrick (who has starred in "Perfect Pitch", "Twilight" and "My Zombie Girlfriend") and Donal Rogge (who starred in " Gotham, "Son of Chaos", "Patriot").

Plot summary
In this series, Cody (Anna) discovers that her boyfriend Dan (Rogue) has a Tiny Sex Doll. It is foreseeable that when you know that the person closest to you owns "this kind of thing", that kind of angry and strange look. However, it didn't take long before she developed a good impression of the doll and formed a very strange friendship. The biggest reason for this is that this physical doll will talk to her!

This is a series of short dramas with multiple episodes and is broadcast on Quibi, the shortest-lived streaming platform in history. Quibi is well-known for producing short film programs that are specially watched on mobile phones. Similarly, the plot of "Panda Doll" is also very short, about 6 minutes per episode. The series was also stopped after Quibi's collapse.

What's so good about "Baby Romance"?
First of all, we like that every character in the play is three-dimensional and thoughtful. Yes, Dan has a cheap sex dolls, but he has never been portrayed as a weird or abnormal person. At the same time, it also allows us to see how a couple can integrate physical dolls into their relationship in a fairly healthy way.

In addition to the novel themes of real dolls, actors and screenwriters also have very good ideas. Both stars have comedy talents, which is also obvious. Each episode is fast-paced, and the audience wants to watch more at the end. The plot shows wisdom without falling into those crappy physical doll jokes.

In addition, we like to watch any film and television drama that breaks the stereotype. When most TV shows are just regurgitated or exploitative reality shows of old ideas, it's great to see something truly unique. What is more worth looking forward to is that in the metaphor of "brother comedy", a successful but neurotic woman and a physical doll replace the usual romantic scenes.

Is there anything wrong?
To be honest, this film and television drama is of course not enough to achieve the level of Emmy Award, and it will not cause any major social changes. The creator Cody Heller is also a bit self-indulgent because it fictionalizes her relationship with Dan Harmon, the co-creator of "Rick and Morty." The show also gives humorous views on serious topics, which some viewers may feel uncomfortable with. Nevertheless, the show is very creative, interesting and unique. Overall, it is worth seeing.

Why should fans of adult sex dolls care?
We are keenly aware that men and women who like BBW TPE Sex Doll are often seriously misunderstood and despised. Because of this, we are always interested in creative work that subverts people's misunderstanding of real dolls. In this case, we saw the acceptance of love dolls, great humor and creative works. Hope this will encourage those who are on the sidelines of physical dolls to try it!
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