How to Protect Your Eyes When You Play Contact Sports

Posted January 28, 2022 by irisopticiansca

Playing contact sports can put you at risk of eye injuries. Some of the most common sports that tend to inflict eye injuries are basketball, baseball, racquet, and water sports according to studies.
Blunt trauma and eye swelling as well as scratches to the cornea can happen.

If you engage in contact sports, you need to learn how to protect your eyes from damage and injuries. Here are some of the things that you should do:

1. Wear proper eye protective gear.

If your sports activity involves the use of eye protective equipment, make sure you wear them. For instance, you might need to wear goggles or glasses. Sports activities like skiing and snowboarding, although not contact sports, can still pose a lot of danger to the eyes, especially if you pass by tree branches. So make sure you wear the right gear to reduce impact to the eyes.

2. When going outside, make sure you wear sunglasses.

Spending extended hours outdoors, especially when the heat of the sun is severe, can do a lot of damage to the eyes. The UV rays of the sun can speed up the death of cells and can also cause weakness in the tissues of the eyes. So, make sure you wear sunglasses when heading out.

When doing snow sports activities, wear goggles that are designed to protect the eyes from the glare of the snow. When sunlight hits the white snow, it can reflect the eyes and can cause eye strain. Be sure to use the right goggles for the activity that you have in mind.

3. Be careful of dirt getting in your eye.

If some dirt gets in your eyes, wash it away with water as quickly as you can. Don’t rub your eyes. Just let tears form to wash away the dirt.

If you get injured in the eyes, it’s best to see an eye doctor in Red Deer easily. Don’t self-medicate or you could end up inflicting more injury to your eyes. An eye doctor in Red Deer can do a more comprehensive check so you can get the best treatment suitable for your needs.

If you are looking for a reputable eye doctor in Red Deer, make sure you check out clinics like Iris. Also, if you engage in outdoor sports, it’s important to get regular eye check-ups to see if your outdoor lifestyle has led to some eye health problems.
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