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Olive oil is pressed. Its use dates back 6,000 years, from what is now Iran, Syria and Palestine, before it went to the Mediterranean, with its famous olive tree.
Olive oil is pressed. Its use dates back 6,000 years, from what is now Iran, Syria and Palestine, before it went to the Mediterranean, with its famous olive tree.
Historically, olive oil has been used in religious ceremonies and medicine, and it has become an important ingredient in the diet of many cultures. Olive oil is made from olive oil that grows on olive trees, which are mostly found in the Mediterranean region. Olives After harvest, the olives are pressed into paste, which is then subjected to a centrifugation process to separate the oil.
Storage The final product is stored in stainless steel tanks protected from oxygen and sunlight. Once bottled, the oil will be placed in a dark glass bottle to keep it fresh. You can also buy cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from ripe olives, without excessive heat or chemicals, according to the standards set by the International Olive Council. This is said to preserve chemicals in the olive called phenols, which is one of the reasons olive oil is believed to have such health benefits. can be mixed with other oils. In the United States, you can buy three types of olive oil: extra virgin olive oil, pure olive oil, and sweet olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil, which accounts for 60 percent of all olive oil sold in North America, can be used for cold preparation or finishing as well as cooking. Olive oil can be used in different types of cooking, and sweet olive oil has a neutral taste, so you can use it in cooking and baking when you don't want the characteristic peppery taste of the oil. olive.
You get olive oil by crushing or pressing whole olives and collecting the oil that escapes. You can use olive oil in any kind of dish. You can cook with it, add it to bread, pasta or salad, or use it as an ingredient in baking. Best of all, it has many health benefits.
Olive Oil comes in one of three types or grades: virgin, virgin and refined (light). They are classified according to the amount of processing they do before they are bottled and sold. Refined olive oil is the most processed of the three. The olive oil that undergoes the fewest changes to produce is extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). For this reason, EVOO contains more nutrients than virgin or refined olive oil. For example, it is rich in healthy plant nutrients called phytochemicals that can help fight cancer and heart disease. So to get the most out of your olive oil, go with EVOO. Large studies have shown that when you eat extra virgin olive oil in your diet, you reduce your risk of heart disease. Active compounds in EVOO help lower blood pressure and prevent your muscles from becoming stiff. Inflammation in your body causes chronic disease. Some of the antioxidants in EVOO can reduce inflammation in your body like drugs like ibuprofen. Oleic acid in olive oil is also anti-inflammatory.
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