SEO Audit Basics – Essential Knowledge That You Need to Know

Posted September 20, 2020 by JaneEdison

Without that information, SEO professionals will not be able to create strategies that are customized for your website. And the methods they use will not produce the best results possible.
What Is a Website SEO Audit? 

The best alternative that you will find nowadays is an SEO audit. It will not only help you find all the information that you need to create the strategies, but it will also show you the problems that affect your website rank. So, you can make use of the website SEO audit to find all the current errors. And you can get rid of them even before you start creating and using a customized strategy. 
Almost every SEO agency on the market will provide this type of service. But not all of them will do the audits properly. So, you will need to do some research and find the ones that take this part seriously. To do that, you need to know what a proper audit is supposed to look like. There are several parts that the audits made by an SEO agency should contain. SEO can be separated into three parts. Those are the technical part, on-site part, and off-site part. All of them are complementary parts of your website's SEO, and all of them need to be checked and taken care of. Only then will you get the best results possible from a strategy. 
3 Essential Parts That Any Website SEO Audit Must Have! 
Based on the SEO separation into parts, a website SEO audit must also take them into consideration and check them one by one. This will not only make the process easier, but it will also increase the quality of the results produced. 
•    Technical website evaluation. The first part that must be checked is the technical one. Here, the agency must verify the links, loading speed, and device compatibility. These are essential parts of the SEO process, and they will determine if your strategy will be able to produce the desired results. If there are link errors, then some of your pages will not work correctly. And this will frustrate some of your visitors, making them leave and never visit your website. The same applies to the loading speed. Your website’s pages need to load as fast as possible. And lastly, your website must be compatible with every type of device. Your visitors will not only use PCs. They will also use tablets and smartphones. 
•     Content relevancy review. The second part is that an audit must check, is the content. This includes all the elements that your visitors will interact with. The first check that must be done is a plagiarism one. You need to ensure that your content is not used on any other website. Originality is an essential factor that search engines use to rank websites. Secondly, the keywords dissemination is also mandatory. If your keyword strategy is not well thought and implemented, then it will be very hard for search engines to find the keywords for which you want to rank in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). And lastly, the engagement of the content must be checked as well. Having content without any goals is not enough. You need to ensure that every piece of content has a purpose and that it can engage your visitors properly. 
•    Retrospective backlink history. This part is an easier one. It checks the online presence and authority of your website. What that means is how many other websites in the industry know about your website. And how much influence it has over them. The online presence is determined through the number of backlinks that your site has and the number of different websites where the links can be found. The influence of your links is determined by the method used. And the authority of the websites where they are placed. For example, a link on a Facebook post will have a much lower influence than a link on a high-authority website in the same industry as you. 

2 Other Parts That an SEO Audit Must Contain!

An SEO audit is not complete with only the 3 parts presented above. Those are only the essential parts that must be included. And most agencies will have audits that are only through these three steps. But the best results of an audit are not produced by them. There are 2 additional parts that you should check while looking for an audit. 
•    Business assessment. This part is a little easier to explain. Ike mentioned above, the strategy used for your website's SEO needs to be customized. This means that you need to find all the elements that make your business unique. They can be used to attract new visitors and make it easier for you to convert them into leads and customers. In this category must also be included a competitor analysis. It is essential to know as much information as possible about your competition. Keep in mind that the online competition can be brutal. So, you need to choose your rivals in a smart way. For example, you should select only the keywords chosen by other businesses in the industry that you can win against. 
•    Ranking report. The last part of the audit is reporting. Starting with the ranks and keywords of your website. Some tools can be used to find out this information. And, of course, the best tools need to be paid for. So, a reliable agency must use these tools and get the most information possible from them. In the reports, you should also find all the errors and mistakes that were found on your website. In this category, there should be an explanation of the problems. As well as solutions for them. As for the future strategy, it should also be included.
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