Reasons to Implement Mortgage CRM and the Benefits Involved

Posted November 19, 2020 by JaneEdisonn

More and more businesses are discovering the wonders of customer relationship management.
More and more businesses are discovering the wonders of customer relationship management. The truth is that it is essential to maximize efficiency and along the years it has been optimized to meet the needs of businesses in all fields. Mortgage CRM is designed to fit within the industry and offer the necessary features for loan officers to get the most out of their relationship with clients. It is more than a location to store data in an organized manner, because it has useful tools that follow-up with leads. There are plenty tools available on the market for outbound and inbound calls, Hubspot being a well-known one. However, those who want to find a Hubspot alternative will be surprised of the existing choices.

Why Use Mortgage CRM

The goal of mortgage CRM is to understand better your potential customers, their behavior, know when to take action and convert them into buyers. Business owners use this software to track the progress of their loan officers and make sure that they do everything possible to meet customers’ needs. There are many reasons to implement CRM, especially since a positive customer experience is necessary to grow in this industry. You can expect a lot from the software, but it also depends on the one you choose in the end and how fully featured it turns out to be. In essence, this is what you can expect from it:
• Improved customer service
• Better storage and data organization
• Automated tasks
• Quality reporting and analytics

Agents spend a considerable amount of time on repetitive tasks and this action takes plenty effort, which can be saved through CRM. Communication with existing customers and leads can be automated and personalized in the same time. This is essential to make sure that nothing remains behind, and that no potential client slips through. of course, one of the most important advantages is data organization. All contacts are stored in one location, they are easy to access and segmented in different categories, depending on their current buying stage. Loan officers will be able to customize correspondence based on this.

What Is a Hubspot Alternative

Businesses and professionals activating in sales or marketing have come across Hubspot at a certain point. They have a free plan, and it is generous, but at a certain point companies need more, and they have to upgrade to a paid plan. However, the monthly costs are considerable and not all business owners are able to handle the costs, especially if they are start-ups and they need to look over after every expense. Even so, many have discovered that after purchasing the plan and going for the upgrade, the money is not worth it. Simply paying for some top features that staff will actually use turns out to be highly costly. This is one of the main reasons why many business owners turn to a Hubspot alternative .

Besides the high cost of monthly plans, there are other drawbacks to Hubspot. For once, they are missing some CRM and reporting features. In order to generate custom reports and add multiple dashboards, companies need to purchase the reporting add-on. Every business relies on reporting and it is essential at every point. What is the purpose of using software packages if they don’t deliver the expected results? Everyone wants to save time and effort and work efficiently. It is possible when you have the right software tools.

One way to save time and effort is to automate daily tasks. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have more time to focus on other business processes and objectives? With mortgage CRM this is possible. It streamlines various tasks, so that loan officers are more productive and able to focus on the clients and attract new ones. It is possible to sent customer satisfaction surveys and follow-up automatically after closing deals. Loan officers can easily move on to the next sale and customers feel appreciated and important, being encouraged to choose the same company in the future and recommend it to others.

Finding the right mortgage CRM for your business is essential to take advantage of all great features. The good news is that these days there are several to choose from, and many of them are reviewed by other clients, so you can conduct research and find the right one for your needs. Focusing on reputable vendors is essential, with experience in the field and who focus on developing CRM solutions for specific industries. You can even request a demo and discuss about your business and how you operate, to allow vendors to understand better what your requirements are and how to fulfil them.

The mortgage CRM you implement needs to be easy to use and easy to install. The provider has to do everything possible to set-up the process and offer support and training along the way. Once it is active and ready to use, it should have a friendly interface and not put any burden on your loan officers. They have to focus on their tasks and the tool needs to provide the needed support to accomplish them easier and effectively. Don’t forget about security as well and make sure that the provider is compliant with all regulations and meets encryption standards.

Why Find a Hubspot Alternative

There are many reasons why people seek a Hubspot alternative. Especially those who dealt with the tool before know something about it and want to test out other versions. Some find the variety of email templates and landing pages limited. There is the possibility to purchase other templates, but once you already pay for the subscription, it doesn’t make sense to spend additionally on other features, they should be integrated.

Seeking a Hubspot alternative is not a difficult process, because there are so many exceptional solutions out there. Many of them have great features, are easy to use, and implement. Searching online for different solutions reveal the existing ones and you can always request a demo.

A Hubspot alternative sometimes proves to be better, especially if you have a clear image of what you need and know what features to choose.
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